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  1. Damnit Sam. He's probably going to tear it up in Carolina lol.
  2. He probably forgets that he even has an Instagram, doesn't seem like a big social media guy. I would expect him to say something eventually.
  3. Folks hoping we draft Sewell at 2 just for some more offseason fuel.
  4. I'd say it starts to look pretty bad when you consider that most of the guys, while on the roster, struggled to earn playing time on a 2 win team. Quinnen and Austin were the only starters, and Austin got benched by the end of the year. Quinnen is probably the only one who would crack the roster of even an 8-8 team.
  5. Justin Fields Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Trey Lance Kellen Mond/Mac Jones (with Mond slightly ahead) Says "you can't go wrong with any of the top 3". Doesn't sound to me like someone who's down on Wilson.
  6. I like JT but he had Fromm as his #3 QB last year and Herbert as his #8. I take all these videos as data to help paint a complete picture, but none of them should be treated as gospel.
  7. I'm OK with Wilson, but I think the teams who passed on Fields are going to look silly in the long run.
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