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  1. Gase was a last resort hire after they missed out on Kingsbury and Rhule. They ****** up the most important HC search in team history and will pay for it for a while. Gase is a joke.
  2. Only bright side is Winovich did nothing. Could you imagine.
  3. Gase is a fraud and will ruin Darnold. Get him tf away from this team.
  4. Tannehill had maybe the best game of his career yesterday. It's pretty telling.
  5. Don't see why people feel the need to tell people they are done. Just don't post any more. Easy.
  6. No QB would have been successful here. The Ravens have a very good CS who are getting the most out of Jackson. I have zero faith the clown show up here could take advantage of his talents.
  7. Only thing missing from this **** sandwich is a Darnold injury.
  8. Really wanted some points at least before half. God this team is such a nut kick.
  9. To his credit, Sam seems to be keeping a cool head.
  10. Injured player down. Don't tell you the player, don't tell you the team. But here are some commercials.
  11. All I ask for is a competitive game. They've failed in this respect 4 out of 6 weeks. Embarrassing performance, again.

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