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  1. It's a long off-season for reporters, too.
  2. fullblast

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Time is a flat circle.
  3. fullblast

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Jets and Bucs love recycling each other TEs Winslow ASJ Leggett Hey Tampa, I heard that OJ Howard sucks, you should totally cut him.
  4. fullblast

    OTA Thread

    Quinnen is a pretty trim 300 pounds (on the right, duh)
  5. We have scouts? I thought we just went off of bleacher report top free agent lists and mock drafts.
  6. fullblast

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    McCarthy, Rhule, Barr. It's been quite an offseason.
  7. fullblast

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Where was this reported? Guessing radio?
  8. fullblast

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    If you're desperate for clicks this off-season, just throw out some Jets "news"
  9. fullblast

    What is more disappointing?

    It all just kinda blends together.
  10. We've been saying "you can't do worse than *insert GM here*" since Terry Bradway yet here we are again. If this team has taught me anything over the past 20 years it's that it can always get worse.
  11. Agreed. Our last coaching search gives me confidence they have a plan. ...said no one ever.
  12. fullblast

    Mac fired!

    Yeah this is basically what I was getting at, but I guess I didn't word myself well.
  13. fullblast

    Mac fired!

    Definitely not defending Bowles. It just shows that CJ had all the info he needed on Mac months/years ago, but chose to ignore it. Guess this is why he was so apologetic yesterday.
  14. fullblast

    Mac fired!

    Hmm 🤔

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