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  1. Oh man, an extended NFL off-season on the horizon... gonna be a wild fall.
  2. Hm, it is kind of weird though how the numbers on the sleeve are just slapped on there. They overlap the stripe design in a kind of ugly way.
  3. They look pretty good IMO. The gradient gives off a sort of "sunrise" feel which I guess fits the LA vibe. Like the idea of the "bone" color, although they should have added some more blue somewhere, maybe on the sleeve cuff and pants stripe. Still not a fan of their new logo but they could have done worse.
  4. Have to imagine empty stadiums will be pretty weird for the players (well maybe not Miami players). Hopefully they can reach a middle ground where stadiums are say 1/4 full. You can still enforce social distancing measures with a partial fan presence.
  5. Not exactly scientific but I just tried to time these clips using the stopwatch on my phone and each run came out between 4.34 and 4.38. I'll give myself a .1 margin of error so ~4.45, which would still be pretty good.
  6. I think 7-9 would be an accomplishment with this schedule.
  7. Hm, if they can determine in May that he won't be fit to play this year you have to wonder if his career isn't over. Also curious considering they probably can't even run a physical on him currently. Just really weird timing.
  8. How does the PUP list work? I thought players put on the list were eligible to come off partway through the season. Cimini seems to suggest that it's a season-ending designation. Which is correct?
  9. In 2020 I guess that means they couldn't get Zoom working.
  10. I think we'll have one primetime game against Buffalo. The "young AFC East QBs" angle will be played up a bit now that Brady is gone and Darnold/Allen were taken in the same draft.

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