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  1. This is what I keep telling folks. The Super Bowl is boring and overhyped as f unless your team is playing in it. The Wild Card round is the best playoff round.
  2. Might as well go for the TD. You're not beating KC with field goals.
  3. That might turn out to be a key play. Chiefs could have had him sacked 10 yards. Instead, 20 yard completion.
  4. Mathieu blew up that roll-to-the right tendency that Allen has been leaning on since Wyoming. Now that's an elite safety.
  5. Yup, both QBs got carried by their defense in that game.
  6. Wonder if he gives Joe Douglas a call. Did him a solid.
  7. I think the Bills win. The Chiefs have not looked as dominant this year and no one is playing better than Buffalo right now. Should be good!

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