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  1. Lawson is just going to make Becton a better player.
  2. I really don't think he's the type to care.
  3. Rob Calabrese, same as always. Knapp was the passing game coordinator fyi.
  4. One day, I wish to be good enough at something to have my own hype man.
  5. Connor Hughes mentioned on a recent podcast that Mims dealt with a food poisoning issue throughout OTAs so that might have contributed to his sub par performance. Said he ended up losing weight as a result of it. Can only hope he bounces back in training camp.
  6. Agreed. Ben got the ball out quickly on a lot of these plays, but Lawson was in his face quite a bit otherwise. This is good tape.
  7. They should sign a vet so the team doesn't get Luke Falk'd if/when Zach misses time. The "mentor" thing is a bit overblown to me.
  8. I mean we went from an F-minus to a C+. It's an improvement! If Mims/Moore can turn into big contributors then it'll probably be looked at as a B/B+ group by the end of the year. Not bad actually.
  9. Pretty safe to assume the Jets are drafting an OT on day 1 or 2 next year.
  10. Everybody gets to wear one of these for the next month
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