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  1. I heard they roasted marshmallows today.
  2. To be fair, I’m not crazy about Johnson either. But I still need to post this video.
  3. No one's projecting the Jets to win anything until they prove they have a QB.
  4. This franchise finally starts to accumulate legit talent and now the narrative is we won’t be able to pay them. The media desperately needs this team to stay bad.
  5. I don't think any rational Jets fan would reject this take. Tough conference and a young team that's still very much in transition. I just want to see them stay in every game and not go down 17 points by halftime every week. 7-8 wins is still a reasonable ask, imo. That said, optimism that the team might finally be headed in the right direction is definitely warranted.
  6. I think we have a new contender for fan favorite
  7. Why don’t they just marry him???
  8. JD would have given him a wedgie if someone traded ahead of us after this.
  9. 3 round mock 32 - Nolan Smith - LB - Georgia 64 - Jordan Battle, S, Alabama 96 - Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame
  10. For anyone who hasn't seen this yet, enjoy
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