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  1. And honestly, it's a bit ridiculous to think the decision will come down to the results of one game against a terrible opponent. Like if they go out and win by 20 then CJ is cool with Gase? But if they lose he's fired? What if they tie? This franchise, man.
  2. The entire MNF panel picked Baltimore. It's like KC won the SB and now everyone is over them. Mahomes is just getting started.
  3. How many teams use a fullback today? Funny how two of the most dynamic offenses in the league (SF & KC) use a fullback while the general consensus is that the position is obsolete in the 'modern' NFL.
  4. Love that Sam Koch classic, "A (Field Position) Change Is Gonna Come" I'll see myself out (and I'll take this Adam guy with me)
  5. FWIW, we already carry 4 QBs on game day. Flacco and James Morgan were both inactive yesterday with Mike White the backup. We'd probably cut White and make Rosen the backup.
  6. Alex Lewis has been pretty good. The left side of the line actually seems pretty solid. It's hard to rebuild an entire OL in one year, which is pretty much what this team needed. I thought they maybe should have drafted some more interior OL to develop while GVR holds down the fort, but maybe Cam Clarke ends up being that guy. They need to double or triple-dip on interior OL in the next draft.
  7. Not firing Bowles at the end of 2017 was the first mistake. If you know you're drafting a QB, bring someone in who is qualified to develop him. Instead, they waited a year and in turn forced Darnold to scrap everything he learned in his rookie season. And even with an extra year to mull over HC candidates they ended up picking Gase. They just never had a plan.
  8. #72 on Dallas just wrecked Chris Carson's knee. No reason to hold onto his leg for that long.
  9. Back in 2018, deep down, we all knew this would be the outcome. It's the Jets.

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