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  1. She loves Darnold, so she's great in my book.
  2. I don't care about the Browns, but I feel like the media wants me to start disliking them. I guess this is how other fanbases felt about us in 09-10.
  3. I've progressed downward through these options as time passes. I'm about another half-decade or so away from Tom Shane territory at the current pace.
  4. What was his title previously with the Jets? It could simply be that Indy offered him a promotion, and now the Jets are offering him another one. If he made a lateral move to Indy then that a different story.
  5. Need to get some updated oval shapes up in here.
  6. In today's game I think you need to embrace it. Seems to be where the top organizations are headed. Philly has used it dating back to the Andy Reid days and they always field competitive teams. Say what you want about Sashi Brown but he left a pretty good situation for Dorsey to step into. I love everything I've heard about Douglas but I hope he doesn't become a stuck-in-his-ways kind of GM.

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