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  1. His dad also dealt with chronic knee issues when he played, you wonder if it isn’t genetic.
  2. I'm saying that *right now* Flacco is a better QB than Zach Wilson and gives the team a better chance to win games. I get that we need to have an eye toward the future, but Wilson is honestly handicapping the rest of the offense. He will play sooner rather than later, but I have no problem with someone else running the show for a bit,
  3. Yeah I get that everyone wants to see Wilson on the field but I really just want to see what this offense can do with competent QB play. For once, we don't need to rely on a savior at the QB position to elevate the offense. Just someone who can get the ball into the hands of our playmakers. I wouldn't mind at all if he sat the first month of the year just so we can really see what the other 10 guys are capable of.
  4. Eason looks good for Seattle, just letting it rip. Why not just roll with him.
  5. It's because we draft goofy QBs who don't know how to be pros.
  6. Just wait until Trey Lance goes off this year. This place is going to be fun!
  7. Yup I loved Pickens as a prospect but the character concerns scared me off quite a bit. Not a risk this team can afford to take, but one the Steelers probably can. Still think Olave is the guy who will surprise people the most this season.
  8. This is the only play I remember from his career, lol.
  9. Mac negotiating his first contract with Joe Douglas
  10. IMO it’d be a shame if Douglas got canned. He’s had a few (big) whiffs but his team building philosophy is sound. I don’t see another GM doing much better from a roster building standpoint, other than he’d be starting with a far better base. Could go either way with Saleh. I honestly think LaFleur is the star of the staff and would be the bigger loss if we moved on.
  11. I got [emoji848]’d for suggesting this in the game thread but the entertainment value is undeniable. Let’s get weird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Biggest issue I had with Zach and Becton is they both kind of came out of nowhere. For the two most important positions on the field you'd like to draft players with a bit of a track record. Neither of these guys were ready for the NFL and it shows.
  13. In the past, when we cut end of roster players they either wound up in the CFL or changing careers. This is weird.
  14. oh man, day 1 of a Bob Saleh training camp. Did they roast marshmallows and tell scary stories?
  15. I started paying attention when they drafted Keyshawn, then Parcells came over the next year. Honestly, before then I didn't even know what channel Jets games came on. Then the '98 season won me over. I like to say Week 1 of the '99 season was my official baptism into the fandom. Nothing was the same.
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