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  1. 3 hours ago, ryu79 said:

    If he catches the two he dropped or had the play on the last drive not called back, he's probably at 60-70 yards again...

    I think his ribs probably had him hearing footsteps and distracted from catching properly. 

    That said - he is a joy to watch and seems to get open so effortlessly. 

    My one gripe - am I the only one who thinks he needs to stop making the second cut back and just go forward with his full pace after the catch? I feel like him and Elijah are both trying to embarrass CBs breaking ankles instead of flexing their 4.3 speed and just running by people? When he caught that ball in the fourth from Zach and broke the first man I thought he was gone and then he jukes the second guy instead of taking off...

    Moore had one where he lost yards running horizontally up field instead of grabbing another couple of yards and striking out of bounds even! 

    Hope our WR coaches have a word. 


    Missed a stretch of the game and wasn’t aware of those drops, that’s good to know.

  2. His usage was down while Moore and Davis' usage was up. I think this was more a case of Zach just going to the guys he has more familiarity with. There was a clip in one of the highlight montages of Zach and Garrett going over a play, where GW seemed to be suggesting that he was open and for Zach to look for him. I think they just need more time to get on the same page.

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  3. That was his best throw of the day and exactly what I'd like to see more of from him. Find space in the pocket and just let it rip, instead of running around. It's by far the most frustrating aspect of his game and what most causes me to doubt him. It's what Geno used to do, and what Darnold started doing that made me realize they weren't going to work. He looked like an actual NFL QB in that fourth quarter, and hopefully it's something he can build on.

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