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  1. I can't even get mad. Just feel empty and indifferent towards everything Jets right now. But hey, maybe it'll work out.
  2. Gase wears a hat at all times because he's insecure about his receding hairline. Not a trait you look for in a leader of men.
  3. I think there's some sort of rule regarding college coaches that prohibits that. They also didn't announce anything wrt Rhule.
  4. I feel like if we hire either of these guys they're more likely to bring back most of the current staff. Otherwise, who are they bringing in?
  5. Contract is not bad. But this won't stop everyone from freaking out over the next big signing.
  6. Rhule would need to hire very strong O and D coordinators to work here. Seems like more of a CEO-type ala Harbaugh/Tomlin than an Xs & Os coach. Really not crazy about the choice, but could warm to it depending on the staff he assembles.
  7. No grade for Jonotthan Harrison? Started 8 games at C, Darnold seemed to play much better with him in the lineup.
  8. We already had Abe and Ellis though and nothing at safety. Reed was the pick. Then Herm tried to turn Ellis into a DT which was also a very bad decision.
  9. We took Bryan Thomas over Ed Reed. I'll never get over it.
  10. Crazy thing is, some of his best throws this season we're drops that will never make it onto a highlight reel. Robby in the EZ back left corner vs Indy Herndon down the sideline against Miami Lob to Sterling right over the safety's head against Minn Deep ball to Robby against Houston where he (got) tripped A few that come to mind. Touch, anticipation, accuracy. He's a baller. Please get this guy more help.
  11. Gut tells me they're going to hire Kingsbury. It would be a classic Jets move in the mold of Carroll, Mangini etc. Young guy with potential but perhaps not quite ready for prime time.
  12. He had three geniunely bad games (Browns, Vikings and @Miami). The rest were either so-so or excellent. A lot to feel good about for next year.
  13. This dude is incredible and exactly what this D needs. Gimme Allen.
  14. Meanwhile I'm watching Benny Snell. Man I wish we had a second round pick.
  15. Caldwell is another old school, conservative coach in the same mold as Bowles. This would be a lateral move.
  16. I mean they're are only like 1 or 2 threads left on the seam anyway.
  17. http://dailysnark.com/report-dolphins-players-said-they-wanted-to-be-traded-if-coach-adam-gase-wasnt-fired/ So what do I hear? I heard a surprising number of veterans, including SURPRISING ones like Frank Gore, Kenny Stills, and especially Cameron Wake, all rose up and disavowed Gase privately. Wake and Stills directly to Steve Ross. Kenyan Drake wanted a trade if Gase remained. — Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) December 31, 2018
  18. Apparently the book on Gase is he didn't give a crap about anything except the QB position. Rest of the team hated him. I'd take him as an OC but he's not HC material.
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