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  1. I trust that the off field issues have been vetted out, I just hate that he's going to be 25 by the time the season starts.
  2. OK so it's not just me who noticed the commercial break thing lol.
  3. Would John Ridgeway be a reach here? Thought he looked pretty promising.
  4. The Jets traded up for Hall because they believe he can be an elite RB. That's worth giving up a 5th rounder for, IMO. I think we get a little too caught up in the whole "RB don't matter" thing. Jonathan Taylor and Dalvin Cook were second round picks and I'm sure anyone on this forum would gladly take either onto this team over whoever the hell we selected in the second either year. If the Jets view Hall as that same caliber of player then you have to shoot your shot.
  5. I probably take Ebiketie at 38 and Travis Jones at 69 knowing what I know now.
  6. In a draft that was considered lighter on top-end talent, JD managed to push his standard allotment of 7 draft picks up into the first 117 selections of the draft which is not even at the halfway point. They might finish up early today but they didn't compromise on quantity, while maximizing quality.
  7. Don't know if I would have traded up for JJ over grabbing a different prospect at 35/38. That said I'm still very content with how things played out.
  8. Yeah admittedly I'm just nitpicking more than anything. I think JD will take his foot off the gas over time, but they desperately needed to raise the talent floor on this team and sometimes that means being aggressive.
  9. I get that the team loved JJ, but I was also really high on Ebiketie and believe he's just as good of a prospect. Hall at 35, Ebiketie at 38 and Travis Jones at 69 would have been real nice.
  10. That’s some elite formatting. Seems like Winfrey might be our last good bet for some IDL help. Hope he lasts a few more picks..
  11. Those TikToks put us over the edge
  12. Looks like a ******* PFF mock draft. Unbelievable haul.
  13. And they have 6 (six!!) picks coming up in the 4th round to boot.
  14. If you can consistently separate from your defender it doesn't really matter how tall you are. Ability to play in space is what it's all about these days.
  15. The weirdest part of last night was watching the Jets make a pick at the end of the first round. Been a minute.
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