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  1. The “everybody gets what they want” draft
  2. Actually not a bad interview..
  3. Yeah, that's a big part of it. If you followed any reports during camp the word was he couldn't separate at all. The Jets held a scrimmage with the Eagles during camp and even one of the OFFICIALS calling the game commented on it.
  4. I don’t see see any separation at all from London. Looks exactly like Mims’ Baylor tape. Doesn’t that concern anyone?
  5. Wordle 294 2/6 WordHurdle 162 3/6 #wordhurdle #peace https://www.wordhurdle.in
  6. Damn, you're right, they had 3 first rounders and still have 2 even after this trade. That's ******* bonkers.
  7. Reminds me of last year's Miami/SF/Philly trades. Now we wait for the other shoe to drop.
  8. I'd also put him behind a healthy Jameson Williams, but agreed.
  9. Wordle 279 3/6 WordHurdle 132 5/6 #wordhurdle #peace https://www.wordhurdle.in
  10. I'd throw AJ Brown and Terry McLaurin into the mix as well. Both should be looking for new contracts this offseason. Maybe an opportunity there. Hard to imagine either is made available but we're desperate (and bored).
  11. DJ is good, Jets Twitter does need to chill the f out sometimes.
  12. Moore is our #1 you all just don't know it yet.
  13. Miami's first rounder is pick #29. #35 really isn't that far off, plus they get #38. They're pretty comparable deals.
  14. This is honestly mid blowing. Wonder what the exact package was. Guessing 35, 38 and a 2023 2nd rounder to start.
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