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    From NY, relocated out west
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    Portland, OR
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    JETS, YANKS, KNICKS, RANGERS, kind of like the Blazers now too
  1. F#$K Belicheck. You know, this whole Pats thing is all Mo Lewis' fault. If he didn't crush Bledsoe's lung that team would have been in dead last and Brady might never have played there.
  2. Boss wants me to come over for football..

    Tell you just got last minute tix to the Jets opener and won't be back in time to watch the crap ass Giants with his punk ass. Or Be honest and tell him you'd rather pull your finger nails out than watch the Giants and waste 3 hours of your life.
  3. Jets Fans in Portland, OR?

    Good lookin out. That 's about 2 hrs away but I'll see what's up with him. Appreciate it.
  4. Jets Fans in Portland, OR?

    I now live 3,000 freakin miles from the stadium....AHGHGHGHGHG!!! Anyone out here to watch the games with? Anyone know anyone? Thanks. Dan