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  1. I remember how everyone was saying this is one of the best draft class in history, etc.. Right now it doesn't look so great Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart haven't done well Jay Cutler has been OK, but nothing spectacular We all know D'Brick is not Walter Jones Mario Williams hasn't lived up to the hype yet.. Who is Vernon Davis? In hindsight we probably should have drafted either Haloti Ngata or Kamerion Wimbley.. Next year we should have a top 10 pick.. Can you say ANDRE WOODSON???
  2. I came home today from college, and my dad said that I look skinny and lost all the muscle I used to have.. I felt bad as I have been working out(been doing a bit more cardio and eating less bc im poor).. Anyway I went on the bench press, and I benched a little more than I did this summer.. Again, I have still been lifting.. just been doing more biking, and a little less eating.. I don't see a difference in my body, but I was just wondering if it is possible to lose weight without losing any muscle?
  3. Other than the New England loss, the Jets have been in every single game.. Ravens game was winnable had J-Mac not got off the bus Bills game was winnable had Chad done his job Giants game was obviously winnable The only game they got blown out in was the Patriots game... This just has the looks of a painful year... You know.. one of those where they constantly lose close games, and then finally win a meaningless one at the end to screw up their draft standing.. Kellen Clemens needs to start..
  4. LOL.. I love making fun of Emo's.. There are so many of them in Philly
  5. I've realized this... The only thing I got going in my life is the Tuesday night bike ride into the city in I get pretzels with a bunch of Emo's at midnight.. Other than that my life is pretty bleak.. Does it get better? No girls like me because I'm ugly and mean...
  6. Wow.. Did some research.. This song isn't supposed to debut until 2008.. The version on House sounded a lot better.. Buzz across the internet about it.. Alanis has another single!!!!!! ALANIS IS BACK!!!!
  7. Right before House stuck a fork into that outlet and nearly killed himself.. Im going to find the song on Youtube...
  8. too bad we won't give Kellen a chance to do the same..
  9. Baltimore '04 was, and still is the worst Jets loss I have ever seen.. however this game comes close to it.. 17-7 halftime lead 24-21, we are running with a full head of steam towards the endzone, and they throw a lollypop jump ball against a 6'1 corner that gets picked off... AWFUL.. Again Baltimore '04 was still worse, but this had some Baltimore '04 moments..
  10. These draws don't work.. I don't understand why we don't use the two back set more.. I think the whole offensive philosophy is garbage..
  11. He singlehandedly cost us the game today.. The defense for the most part did their job.. The oline gave him time.. That floater to the endzone was a terrible decision, and a terrible throw.. This is the worst regular season loss I have seen since Baltimore '04.. Season Officially Over.. Play for next year boys..
  12. And just save the embarassment.. With Jacobs back the Giants are going to manhandle us, and prove why they are #1... I hate being the fan of #2... well #3 behind Rutgers..
  13. This girl from back home is really catching my eye.. I have been friends with her for years, but I am begining to get attracted to her.. I was going to make a move on her in the summer, but it didn't happen.. Now she has a boyfriend in college... I get a weekend off from school next week... What do I do?
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