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  1. Never mind the fact that at Mondays meetings BB laid the gauntlet down stating that the team has to work harder and put in the time that was necessary to win on Sundays.
  2. I'm sorry but qb's who post a 17 passer rating in super bowls dont deserve the hof talk. Ben is going to need another sb w/ mvp and a couple of 30+ td seasons.
  3. See this just proves that the NFL has a conspiracy against the Jets. for the second year in a row they have scheduled pat and tenn. back to back and the second year in a row the jets have collapsed after winning both games
  4. The mid eighties pats had some talent on those teams. its a wonder why they didnt do more with it. morgan and fryer at wr. james and collins in the backfield. Tippett and Blackmon outside w/ rembert and nelson inside. lippet, james marion and clayborn in the secondary. Kind of like this jets team in the past couple of years. lots of telent not much to show for it
  5. I had to admit the look on Rex's face after Ronnie brown scored the winning drive was priceless. Saying that. That 4th quarter was the best quarter I have seen since sb38
  6. Raiders send 5 day letter per roto world http://www.rotoworld.com/content/HeadLines.aspx?sport=NFL&hl=150706
  7. I just read all 361 pages of the cba and the only thing it mentions about player trades is that the receiving team has to have cap room for the player and that the paperwork has to be filed to the league office and nflpa by way of overnight mail
  8. Man, I have been around for 45 years and I don't ever remember the jets being relevant. They are the red-headed step child in thier own city.
  9. jets from 1970 -00 havent done much. they have 1 division win in 98- and made the tittle game in 82' and 98' pats won the div. in 78', 86', 96', 97' with 2 afc championships and 2 superbowl appearances.
  10. That was a bad team. Rod Rust should have stayed as a dc.
  11. I dont post hear to much. I am usually over at JI. The hatred for pats fans over there is comical. Your post just reminded me of where I have seen dwc2 before. Geez can you guys please take him back. That guys football knowledge is nill. He throws so much crap against wall to see if it sticks is amazing. Please, Please take him back.
  12. Sperm there will not be a new cba done this year. I will wager boatloads of money on that. The union will not budge offt the 60% they received with last cba and the owners will not pay it and if there is a miraculous cba done the owners want a rookie salary cap. more than a hard cap. So to get that rookie cap they will have to give up the hard cap to get it. The owners dont mind paying the money to the veterans that have earned it
  13. Sperm you missed the big picture on this one my friend. There is a reason why the Pats have so many fa's next year. Next year is uncapped and they will be able to sign everyone of those players. In fact with the exception of Seymour and Watson all are rfa's under the current cbabecause they will not not have the 6 years of eligibility to become fa's
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