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  1. Hey guys, we value your opinion: http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=203116 Some of us are interested in Coles as a stop-gap. The question is, can he be a deep threat?
  2. Wotta life. http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/aro...staff-hirings/ 01.26.2009 2:04 pm St. Louis Rams announce 3 staff hirings By Jim Thomas St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo has confirmed the hiring of Paul Ferraro on his defensive staff, and also announced the hiring of Dick Curl as assistant head coach-quarterbacks coach and Frank Leonard as an offensive assistant. Curl, 68, has spent the last three seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, but worked previously for the New York Jets (2003-2005). He and Spagnuolo worked together for a couple of years
  3. Guys, guys, guys, we're missing the real news. DICK CURL IS STILL EMPLOYED! Is it possible his MASTER PLAN is NOW coming to fruition? He was the assistant head coach under Herm, making him the INTERIM head coach AS OF THIS MOMENT! HEAD COACH DICK CURL That scares me.
  4. Let's not fight. Kiss me as you would kiss Shanahan and Clark Hunt.
  5. I like this hire. A lot more than that mush mouth fatboy.
  6. God bless. I swear there's another one with a big red nose.
  7. The Jets could be in for a real treat! Having Carl Peterson running a division rival is a blessing.
  8. To compare Marty to Herm is an insult. Marty does NOT believe in the RRPP. The Chiefs lost a playoff game following the 1995 season because they threw the ball TOO MUCH. The Chiefs lost a playoff game following the 1997 season because they couldn't run the ball and started throwing it around with a passing attack that was fairly successful during the regular season. But ultimately the quarterback was a choker of epic proportions. If Marty has a failing it's that his teams don't always have the absolute best personnel to run a pass-first offense. HOWEVER, that was not true o
  9. How amazing that Herm, the day after I accuse him of passing the buck, passes the buck.
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