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  1. Quentin Groves if Ryan, Gholston, C.Long, J.Long, and Mcfadden are gone? I think grives can do great things in our defense. He truly is a standout pass rusher. I say we should pull the trigger, but I also think the Jets will be thinking Mckelvin if those 5 are gone.
  2. I think Jenkins will turn into the best move.
  3. I bet clemson +6.5. That means I'll win if Clemsin loses under 6.5 points, or wins by more than 6.5 points? Im petty sure thats it just making sure.
  4. I want Gholston the most, but that's also because I thought Long had no chance at dropping to us, but If miami Ges QB WE CAN GET LONG!!!!!!!!
  5. If it goes like this THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!! http://http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80717539 BTW no Mcfadden in top 10..... interesting:confused: HAHA jetnation has to block out May****s name. LOL.
  6. If Miami takes Ryan, Chris Long will fall into our laps. Think about it. 1. MIA- M. Ryan 2. STL- J. Long 3. ATL- B. Brohm, or G. Dorsey 4. OAK- DMC, or V. Gholston, or G. Dorsey 5. KC- J. Otah 6. NYJ- C. LONG!!!!!!!! I really want Gholston, but if Long is there GOTTA GET HIM!!!!!!!!
  7. Do the yankees finish over or under 95.5 wins? My answer 96 wins this season!!!!!!!
  8. Dear Mods please DUMP!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) LOL
  9. In 6 months the season starts, and he'll probably be on the field working, and running by the 4th month. He'll be playing by week 4.
  10. will be the pick all people will be waiting for, and have their eyes on the most? I'd say yes, because we have the most inriguing position. We filled a lot of needs in FA, and the question is do we go Gholston?, Mcfadden?, Cromartie?, Mckelvin?, or trade down? I feel we are the team that has no idea on what to do yet. I think were gonna be the pick which everyone will be waiting for, and most intriguing.
  11. Adam Schein just said that Vernon Gholston told him he had a PHOEMONAL interview with Mangini, and Tannenabum, and that Gholston said they have A LOT of interest. Gholston also told him the Dolphins are very interested, and Gholston will be meting with Bellicheat this week. Schein says the Jets are REALLY interested in LAW.
  12. There talking about if they should draft Mcfadden, and who will be the backup for TJ. There saying Leon is a VERY dangerous back in the redzone. There giving Loen, and Jones a lot of praise. There also saying Chatman should get a good amount of carries. They just said Tony Richardson will be our Lorenzo Neal. About Mcfadden they said if Mcfadden is there they'll trade back, and get a WR One guy said either way they will trade the 6th pick, He believes theres a plan, and #6 isn't in it.
  13. I feel we'll get farther with Chad than Kellen. Also you can't say kellen ddin't make horrible interceptions either. He did just as bad as Chad. Chad did horrible cause of no running game due to the OL, and he had no time due to the OL. If Kellen came in, and did great witht that OL then Kellen should be the starter, but Kellen, and Chad both had REALLY BAD moments with the line. So noone can say that kellen deserves to start, because he didnt do anything special with the same OL as Chad. While we know what Chad can do with a GOOD OL. and that's what we have this year.
  14. Mid second. He's still one hell of a RB, and any team needing a RB would take him.
  15. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/articles/show/2096-new-kid-on-the-block-relishes-his-role My charge now is getting our running backs across the water in New York and let
  16. FWIW, Eisen and Marshall Falk were talking on NFL network about offseason moves and Eisen asked Falk who he thought could be the Cinderella team of 08 and he immediately said the Jets and gave their free agent moves high marks, praising progress on both lines and citing an anticipated improved running game. Someone other than jets fan actually like our moves;)
  17. The one night i'm a fraken ranger fan, and bet 4000 they lose to freake FLORIDA!!!!! I HATE THE RAGS MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!
  18. I'm an Islander fan, but no way in hell will the Panthers win against the rangers. 4,000 on the line.
  19. Not that Schilling is that valuable, but the Yanks should definetely win the east! 2 starters out, and one out for a long long time:) GO YANKS!!!!!!
  20. Chad will lead us to a SB, in the next 3 years!
  21. Better video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMHQkALPOTU
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