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  1. woman broadcasters? whats next? homosexual cheerleaders?
  2. they have turned entertainment into politics and politics into entertainment. this much should be obvious
  3. ylekram

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    I quit drinking once. it was the worst 12 hours of my life
  4. sam "the curse breaker" darnold
  5. ylekram

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    sam "the man" darnold
  6. ylekram

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    no. probably not. but I think rosen expected to go 2nd and could have lived with being the 3rd qb taken. being selected after allen is what pissed him off.imo
  7. ylekram

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    possibly. I thought rosen was the 2nd best qb in the draft
  8. 2nd rounders are like the pit of despair around here. I am glad they are gone. long live the darnold
  9. hard to tell with the dog sitting, but it could also be a pressa canario.
  10. ylekram

    Josh Rosen was Eli Manning , Darnold is Tony Romo

    hey Nostradamus, how many fingers am I holding up on my right hand and what am I holding in my left hand?
  11. ylekram

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    he has a stronger arm than darnold
  12. ylekram

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    hes got plenty of arm
  13. ylekram

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    mason Rudolph insurance policy

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