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  1. 1.darnald 2.rosen 3.mayfield 4.allen well see, but I think that's how the nfl wil see them too, come draft day. rosen is going to be picked #2 by some team, leaving Mayfield and allen at #3. I find it hard to believe that mac traded up for a project qb.
  2. another headline reader. this is the 2nd time in a 2 page thread where I have to explain myself. I never said that the flag burn was real. I could care less. I have said that I believe the video was fake. oh nevermind
  3. oh I believe the picture is photo shopped. I just cant believe he would reference snopes as proof
  4. i was unaware that anyone existed who found snopes.com to be legit.lol
  5. that's like $560,000 per tackle.
  6. Tank Watch - Cleveland / Indy

  7. Happy Birthday Tom Shane

    if the devil had a zodiac sign, it would be gemini. that's all I am saying
  8. neither is stealing a car.hmmm
  9. Robby Anderson Arrested

    I would be more worried at a buffet that he paid good money for
  10. Jets trade last 3rd round pick

    trade them all for next years picks
  11. Jets 2nd Round Pick?

    sounds good but it might not be feasible to acquire a 3rd when the last few trades netted a 4th to get back into the 1st round
  12. much like every other day
  13. writings on the wall for pryor. pryor's natural position is bum safety