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  1. for the 1st time in nfl history, 2 homosexual males are employeed by an nfl team as cheerleaders, who also happened to have landed in the super bowl with some very questionable officiating? a total coincidence or something more too it?
  2. ylekram

    Is the Rooney Rule Broken?

    "hey, white guy, you ok"? " not you with the melanin" yea, right. dude you sound rediculous
  3. ylekram

    Spoil Pats or #1 pick?

    silly question. the only answer is B. if the game meant knocking the pats out of the playoffs completely, I still would want the 1st pick, nevermind just a different seeding in the playoffs
  4. ylekram

    Tank crowd

    I don't think the 4-11 jets need to "tank" to lose to the 10-5 patriots
  5. its like there was very little difference between the 33rd pick and the 34th pick in the 1991 draft
  6. ylekram

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    thanx jets
  7. woman broadcasters? whats next? homosexual cheerleaders?
  8. they have turned entertainment into politics and politics into entertainment. this much should be obvious
  9. ylekram

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    I quit drinking once. it was the worst 12 hours of my life
  10. sam "the curse breaker" darnold

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