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  1. is that where keyboard killers determine that criticizing the butchering of the English language is now racist? are you on that whole "punch a Nazi thing"? I just had to axe.
  2. tell me about it. if he were black and poor, he would get the death penalty and life in prison. plus a fine
  3. I don't believe this sh&t.. multi billionaire visits a low end Korean $100 rub n tug that happens to be under investigation. guys like kraft have high end exotic beauties, 2-3 at a time, on tap. just a phone call away. this stinks to high heaven
  4. for the 1st time in nfl history, 2 homosexual males are employeed by an nfl team as cheerleaders, who also happened to have landed in the super bowl with some very questionable officiating? a total coincidence or something more too it?
  5. "hey, white guy, you ok"? " not you with the melanin" yea, right. dude you sound rediculous
  6. silly question. the only answer is B. if the game meant knocking the pats out of the playoffs completely, I still would want the 1st pick, nevermind just a different seeding in the playoffs
  7. I don't think the 4-11 jets need to "tank" to lose to the 10-5 patriots
  8. its like there was very little difference between the 33rd pick and the 34th pick in the 1991 draft

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