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  1. man you just hit free agency. go lay the pipe down on her sister, coworker, niece, aunt, church group member,etc,etc. just remember, she ****ed you over. revenge is a dish best served cold
  2. for some reason, people think things cant happen here. weimar germany and zimbabwe are way OVER THERE.
  3. its the seasoned ovens. pepe's in new haven has great coal fired pizza using a 100 year old oven. they have sprouted in quite a few places in connecticut,, and while pretty good, its just not the same as the original. all the same ingredients. ya, there might be a little something with the water too, i guess
  4. 1967 ford f-250 352 c.i. in primer grey
  5. ya, really cant complain about any of the 3 picks. sure, mighta chose another guy, had a different favorite, but these 3 guys can play.hopefully they work out
  6. atleast we know who the gangbanger is..huge leak by joe
  7. I Think the pearls are more outa place than the boots
  8. i was thinking the same thing. sounds like a plan
  9. sure you can. here is the breakdown 20 nfl teams are owned by whites. 60% of the US population 60% of nfl ownership roughly 25% of nfl players 0 nfl teams are owned by blacks 13% of the US population 0% of nfl ownership roughly 70% of nfl players 10 nfl teams are owned by jews 2% of the US population 30% of nfl ownership less than 1% of nfl players 1 line seems to be right in line 1 line seems to be way under represented 1 line seems to be way over represented stop blaming the good ol boys club for inequities
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