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  1. then trade him to the bucs
  2. half of the guys picked this draft will be out of the league in 5 years. not that I don't like darnold, but he still has a lot to prove. I believe in 2 rules for the nfl. keep your oline strong and draft qbs often until you find one. I have no problem with this pick.jmo
  3. I could care less that JD only selected one WR as long as he can pick players that can play instead of needs that cant
  4. yikes. he looks even younger than the punter. those 2 draftees wont be enjoying the nyc nightlife
  5. amy advice to the chicken littles and to the sceptics alike. don't touch things you don't need to touch. wash your hands thoroughly and often. and the biggest thing. keep your hands off you face. the average human touches their face 3000 times a day. make this a conscious effort. do these 3 things and your ability to stay corona free go up drastically. stay safe
  6. beautiful family you have there....but who is that goofy looking dude sitting with them??? in all seriousness, glad everything is working out for you. I couldn't imagine the worry with the baby
  7. stocking up on necessities means different things to different people. I called my friend in ohio the other day. said he was out getting supplies for the lock down. I asked him if he was at Walmart. he said no, the dispensary.
  8. the point is your ok with an entire demographic being criticized and if you belong to that demographic and are not ok for being criticized,for something you didn't do, then you are a soft baby. no, my friend. you are prov white dudes cant handle criticism for merely being white? no my friend, you are proving my point
  9. anti white is anti idiocy now. you cant see the problem with this? then you are consumed by the propaganda that you don't even see
  10. quite telling? that your buddy is soaking in all this anti - white propaganda flooding this nation, just like self hating integrity?
  11. not a huge fan of cops acting like jerks. I know what they look like and sound like. I just don't see what this guy did is jerk-like. he asked one guy if he had alcohol. guy shows him gaterade, the cop looks at him, makes a head gesture, and moves along. he then states there is a cigar hole burned into the carpet. I just don't see the jerk-like behavior. and we certainly don't know if he was prowling around looking to spoil the fun, was investigating a complaint, or was told by his boss to make sure they are not smoking or drinking because of last years damage done to the ,locker room. excited young males can certainly get out of control
  12. saw the entire video too. it was hard to keep up with who he was calling a cracker and who he was calling a ***.feel sorry for the kids.
  13. like the guilt or innocence of this dude ripping off and smashing another guys head in with a helmet relies on whether or not he heard a racial slur? if I had a nickel for every time I had a racial slur thrown at me, I would have 5-6 bucks in my pocket minus the head snashing
  14. sounds like you have a new idea in mind. please share
  15. is that where keyboard killers determine that criticizing the butchering of the English language is now racist? are you on that whole "punch a Nazi thing"? I just had to axe.
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