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  1. he has a stronger arm than darnold
  2. I would have doubled dipped ala redskins. mason Rudolph would have been my pick. kid is talented
  3. rosen knew he wasn't going #1. and when the browns picked Mayfield, he knew he wasn't the next guy to be picked. he basically is bent out of shape because the bills chose allen over him. that's what it boils down to
  4. Anti-semitism is alive and well at JN, I guess. typical. saying anything that isn't glowingly positive about a jewish person is anti-Semitism. get over yourself
  5. because the jets drafted him or that he didn't go #1?
  6. I don't know who goes 1st and 3rd, but I have had this rosen goes #2 gut feeling for awhile
  7. 1. Mayfield-cleveland 2. rosen- denver 3. allen- jets 4.chubb-cleveland 5. darnold-buffalo
  8. which tweet of allen's do you believe to be the strongest motivation for the blacks players to not respect their leader if allen is the pick?
  9. I am no qb wisperer, but the vibe I am getting is that there is not a lot of difference in these qb's and they are all rated about the same. I don't see why rosen couldn't go number #1. he looks to be as talented as the other guys. what would $100 on rosen +6000 pay out?
  10. like on this board at about 9 pm? party time suicide watch or no holds barred whats the over/under on locked threads banned posters
  11. 1.darnold-clevland 2.rosen-giants 3. Mayfield-jets 4.allen-??
  12. and then have to grovel for forgiveness for nothing. unless I am missing something, I didn't see anything wrong with his tweets. especially him being a young teenager. this world can be a sick and twisted place
  13. oh this thread shall carry on wonderfully
  14. how does somebody not know about the greater isreal project?
  15. yes, I did. but what I found way more informative was the greater isreal project
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