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  1. well I guess you already answerd my question
  2. maybe, but I think it has more to do with what is promoted
  3. it wasn't tiek. it was more complex. more to it. like a first and a last name
  4. of course. rock was the dominate culture when I was growing up. hip hop is now. there is some new rock music, not a lot, hence why most kids are into hip hop. nigga is a common word in hip hop, hence why I said what I said
  5. you had a different nick name for me some years ago. what was it? I remembers yours
  6. dude, I am 45 years old. what the **** are you talking about?
  7. lol. there really is no new rock music for the past decade or so. so ya, a lot of farm kids are kicking it to mc sheep and trying to fit in to the culture by using words like nigga
  8. hell, that's even worse than being the racist he is. isn't it?
  9. hilarious? sounds like every white kid trying to fit into a hip hop narrative, to me
  10. sounds to me, he is jawing with one of his black friends. hence the "why are you so white" question he is responding too.
  11. same sh*t happened last year with the gas mask. dude dropped a bunch of spots because of some nonsense
  12. 1.darnald 2.rosen 3.mayfield 4.allen well see, but I think that's how the nfl wil see them too, come draft day. rosen is going to be picked #2 by some team, leaving Mayfield and allen at #3. I find it hard to believe that mac traded up for a project qb.
  13. another headline reader. this is the 2nd time in a 2 page thread where I have to explain myself. I never said that the flag burn was real. I could care less. I have said that I believe the video was fake. oh nevermind
  14. oh I believe the picture is photo shopped. I just cant believe he would reference snopes as proof
  16. if the devil had a zodiac sign, it would be gemini. that's all I am saying
  17. I would be more worried at a buffet that he paid good money for
  18. trade them all for next years picks
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