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  1. sounds good but it might not be feasible to acquire a 3rd when the last few trades netted a 4th to get back into the 1st round
  2. writings on the wall for pryor. pryor's natural position is bum safety
  3. could also mean that the 6th pick is irrelevant in a trade. with a few more teams added to the mix, they might be eye balling pick 4 or 5
  4. The government doesn't rob a dime from the people. that's the job for the people who own the government.
  5. sorry. thought you were going somewhere with this. observation noted
  6. who cares what defense the giants are playing
  7. without a solid nose tackle, you have no 3-4. with 3 defensive tackles, you get the hybrid mess we had last year. the jets needed a top notch nose tackle more than they needed 3 defensive tackles
  8. they both should have been the odd one out. mo should have been out when they drafted Williams or even the year after. followed by Sheldon come contract time. that would have given the jets 4 years to find another defensive end, all the while collecting compensation for both players, saving a boatload of money, and not having to play players out of position. regardless if they wanted to keep snacks or not. it was a simple numbers game and mac failed in that respect
  9. when you have 3 capable defensive ends and only 2 positions and you get rid of one, one has to be a replacement,no?
  10. obviously, that's just speculation on my part. in hindsight, it was the wrong move. some of us had the foresight to see it. I will mac did
  11. I wouldn't give mo 18m worth of respect considering his replacement was already on the roster
  12. most likely a 2nd. mac could have traded mo but got stuck on a 1st rounder only
  13. that's my point and why he shouldn't have been considered for 18m
  14. I wasn't upset that they let Harrison go to the giants. I was upset that they let Harrison go to the giants just to sign mo to 18m. with Richardson and Williams already on the cheap. lost- draft compensation for mo lost- all pro nose tackle lost- Richardson playing WAY out of position. yea I know every time Richardson opens his mouth, his value goes down. couple that with playing out of position, and his value becomes nada lost-18m a year loss- leadership. Harrison is 10x the leader that mo is gain- mo's 40 odd tackles and 4 sacks
  15. yea, because mo is supposed to be the leader of this defense.
  16. all the while having his replacement already on the roster
  17. its simple, really. personality goes along ways with me. plus, it was meant to be a fun bet, but there was nothing fun about this season its funny that you mentioned that you missed the last 3 jet games. I havnt missed a jet game in 35 years, but I too, didn't watch the last 3 jet games. had no interest. come draft time I am sure I will be glued and as usual, getting nothing productive done.lol
  18. how you been? merry Christmas, by the way
  19. sure. as soon as you stop bringing your nonsense to this message board
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