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    DIE HARD, Section 320. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets... ALLLLLLLL DAY
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    Staten Island/Section 320
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    Market Research/Data Analysis

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Jets/Pats Thursday Night Football 2008. Oh how i loved that game.
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    Yes, Section 320
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    Not making the playoffs in 2000. Lions, Raiders, and Ravens. Beat 1 of those teams and we were in.. Effin Jets
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    I could care less, win a game, and then i will care,
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Road Trip Cleveland

    Going out there myself. Going to Columbus tomorrow for THE Ohio State game, Jets on Sunday. Have fun.. Excited.
  2. 4 Tix 6th Row Dawg Pound

    Appreciate the offer DP33, but thats going to be way to rich for my blood. We might just be looking to scalp something on the dirt cheap outside the stadium.
  3. 4 Tix 6th Row Dawg Pound

    How much?
  4. 2017 Away Games

    @Maxman Will you be doing a tailgate? Coming with a friend for the weekend. Also, @Browns Tailgate Do we need a parking pass to tailgate in your lot with y'all? How far from stadium are you?
  5. Jets/Browns

    What is the best way to get seats? Looking to spend as little as possible on that game..
  6. Jets/Browns

    Will you be at the Ohio State game the day before?
  7. Jets/Browns

    Nice.. I did Tampa Sanchez rookie year.. He didn't play the game, but we won.. It was fun.. Tampa will be a fun trip for ya.
  8. Jets/Browns

    Anyone doing this trip this year? I did it when Holmes took one to the house to win it with under a minute left in OT a few years ago.. Cleveland sucks, the city, the team, the people.. The trip was a great time though. We had a nice tailgate, and we also did Ohio State/Penn State the day before at The Horseshoe. Plan on doing the same thing this year. Ohio State/Maryland the day before. Anyone going?
  9. Was supposed to have a big tailgate on Thursday, but my friends from Philly that were coming up decided to extend their holiday weekend, so now we are all carpooling. They asked me to sell their passes.. I have 2 Yellow, paid 20, listening to offers though. If anyone needs, please let me know.
  10. Just throwing it out there that if anyone has extra's or tix they won't be using tomorrow, would love to take em off your hands to go to the game. Will be going regardless, but before I went the Stubhub route, I figured I would check here first.
  11. jets tickets have no value at all

    Tix will be 6 bucks on Stubhub at that time..
  12. Former PSL Holder Letter

    Might need to give me them for 2 seasons based on what is being said in the media with Sammy
  13. I got a letter in the mail yesterday inviting me to a dinner in the Commissioners Club in during the Green and White game in August. It was addressed to me as a former PSL holder. Don't think I am going to go, but I wonder what they would try and sell me on.
  14. Letting PSL Lapse and not Renewing Tickets in 2017

    When I called them to drop my seats, they were extremely rude. I wound up hanging up on the guy, and a few days later got a call back. They must get a ton of calls per day from people dropping their seats, or complaining about something that they don't know how to treat the loyal customers. The ticket people are seasonal workers for the most part. Dead end job with no real need 8 months of the year.
  15. Ticket Brokers ARE THE PROBLEM

    I don't think that is the case. I think the NFL teams have agreements with Stubhub and other secondary market sites that are readily used by fans. I think the Jets are putting up thousands of seats on Stubhub and dropping the market when they need to, and raising when it deems necessary as well. I think the days of the ticket brokers themselves are fading in regards to the Jets, and other mediocre teams.