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  1. Anyone have a seat on the cheap for Sunday ? need one extra.
  2. Ok great. I will run it past the guys we are going with. What kind of food? Just burgers and dogs?
  3. I got a group of 6-7 going to the game. We are excited. Flying in Thursday night. Would love to meet-up at a tailgate
  4. If Hill punched this dude in the face after the incident we would all be saying what a POS he is.. He held his composure and kept it moving.. The fan is in the wrong, he deserves whatever comes his way. Dont behave like a dickhead.
  5. If Hill took the fans beer and threw it on him, we would have a lawsuit.. Fans have to stay in check..
  6. You're responsible for your actions. If Hill was at a bar and this happened, he might have beat the s out of him, and the fan sued. The fan/idiot threw beer on an adult, he knew what he was doing. If he didn't, well, he should have drank less. The less people who are wasted at games acting a fool, the better/safer the environment is for everyone else around the game.
  7. Section 303.. Can send via jets app..
  8. Sold my tickets, but I have an extra parking pass. I paid 38 bucks, its orange.. All I want is 38 for it.
  9. Tix sold, but I have an extra parking pass now.
  10. I have 4 seats available for Sunday. Sec 332, row 16. Asking 40 per. Will split 2/2 if need be. please let me know.
  11. Says the man who has strikes against him at a football stadium. LOLOLOLOL
  12. Was everyones pass scanned tonight?
  13. I paid for the item, used the item, and then decided I had no more use for said item, so I decided to give another person an opportunity to own my item for the right price. I paid full price for my original item, so I am missing the theft part of this. The Jets decided that I showed enough to gain entry into a parking lot.
  14. Makes sense. I had tickets in the Metlife 50 club tonight, and the scanner for that wasn't working either. They had to copy our ticket seats and number to get in.
  15. I entered via the J parking lot. Maybe you are right. Im sure they will fix this. Tonight I made a few bucks back though, so I was happy.
  16. When I entered the parking lots today, I showed the attendant my phone, and she says "You're good." That was it. No scan, no nothing. I could have showed her anything, and I could have just driven in. I thought to myself, this is crazy. People pay good money for these things, I might as well just sell it. Within 5 minutes, I had it transferred to a friend, he listed on Stubhub, and it sold for 32 bucks. Did anyone have their pass scanned? I hope this continues. I will do this every game that I attend. I also took a picture of this pass from my Apple Wallet, so who knows, maybe I will just show this one again and see if it works.
  17. Kinda stupid of the Jets to say that so early in the game. Who is going to buy a jersey now, knowing this is the last year they will wear it?
  18. Just booked Chicago tonight. Cant wait.
  19. Will def. be there. Usually a fun event. Last year stunk, but I hear this year the field will be open again. I just hope the rumors are false in regards to it ending after the 3rd pick.
  20. Haven't heard anything about it yet. I went last year. It wasn't as good due to the weather, and the fact the field was set up for monster trucks. Hope this year is different. Always a nice night out.
  21. Are details out on this years party?
  22. Going out there myself. Going to Columbus tomorrow for THE Ohio State game, Jets on Sunday. Have fun.. Excited.
  23. Appreciate the offer DP33, but thats going to be way to rich for my blood. We might just be looking to scalp something on the dirt cheap outside the stadium.
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