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  1. I was thinking about removing you from my friend list since we haven't been in contact in a while on here. Give me a reason not to...

  2. Maybe we can lure Kyle Brady from retirement?
  3. I'm back for good. Gear up! Go Big Green!

  4. Shouldn't we win a game at home against them sometime this decase before we trash talk? I hate this obsession with the Patriots. They have dominated us, ok. But we should focus on OUR team and not THEIRS! Do you think the Patriots spend more than 2 weeks each year obsessing about the Jets?
  5. I guess focusing on the Patriots makes us forget how bad our team sucks. Do you think Pats fans care about the Jets othen thatn 2 weeks out of the year???
  6. I've read quite a few people saying they'd even bet that the Steelers, and even the Giants, will beat the Patriots. Someone even said they'd take the Giants winning by 10. I'll take all of this action. Be serious. Either team could beat the Patriots, even at Foxboro I guess, but no sane person would bet their hard-earned money on it. There's a difference between hopeing the Patriots will lose and claiming willingness to "bet" that they will. As for the Pats-Colts playoff rematch, Harrison will obviously improve the Colts. But homefield advantage and better officiating will obviousl
  7. First time visiting this board... I was impressed until I read this: I don't see New England winning in a winter, snowy atmosphere in Foxboro against a Colts team that will hopefully have Marvin Harrison for that game. PATS: The Patriots beat the Colts in the AFC Championship Game in Foxboro in 2003. In 2004, New England beat Indianapolis in the season opener in Foxboro, then beat the Colts again in Foxboro in a Divisional Playoff game. COLTS: The Colts did win the last two regular season games in Foxboro (not snowy), but before that they had lost nine consecutive games th
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