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  1. There is nothing against the rules about using technology to do it, the only rule the pats broke was having the camera guy on the sidelines instead of in the booth were the teams film the game from. Thats the difference between cheating and not cheating lol
  2. I did read Dr Z's article, it was very interesting. But considering Mike Martz has already said: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2007/09/13/2007-09-13_manginis_aboutface_on_spying_burns_belic-1.html "If he did steal signals in that game, he didn't do a very good job," said Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz, the Rams coach at the time. "Going into the last drive, they had 100 yards of offense. He got the wrong signals. If he had our defensive signals, it didn't help him much." "He won legitimately," Martz insists. "Those players had to line up and play and win those games. And they did." That sort of contradicts Dr Z's article doesn't it? I mean Martz would have said something if the Patriots are cheating no?
  3. Ok, but at this point it doesn't look like the Patriots are in trouble for spying, but using a camera on the sidelines. If a team gains an advantage to intercepting signals it's not illegal but part of the game according to the league.
  4. Question for Jets fans

    Where have you seen there was a courier involved in this? All I've seen is that the camerman was nabbed while trying to go into the locker room just before half time. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/2007/09/12/2007-09-12_eric_mangini_exposes_bill_belichicks_spy.html So how could the 3rd quarter be on there? And lets say for the sake of it they did send signals from the first quarter to the booth, someone who is not in the booth would need to break down 15 minutes of tape and make the stills as no one in the booth can watch the tape(and teams have multiple guys calling signals to make it difficult to determine who the real signal caller is so they need to figure that out as well) and then match up those signals w/ each play. Sounds like they might be able to get the signals decoded by half time (thats if they even did it this way), which according to Coach Shanahan this can be done just as fast w/o cameras. Anyways, I'd like to find out how you know whats going on between BB/Patriots and the league since nothing official has been said?
  5. Question for Jets fans

    I agree the Patriots shouldn't have used a camera as its against a league rule, and will be punished. My original question however, was how did that camera have such a massive effect on the game Sunday (especially since it was taken away) that the Patriots would have gone from winning convincingly to losing the game? Many people seem convinced that the Patriots won by cheating yet can't explain how the camera gave such a big edge.
  6. Question for Jets fans

    How does "With any luck" change what he is saying? Coach Shanahan says the Broncos can decipher signals by half time and the fact they can do it sometimes in the first quarter makes it sound like its not that difficult if you know what you're doing. I can see how it would seem using a video camera would be useful, but if the signals are on a tape they can't be used in real time and would be deciphered during half time or even after the game, unlike someone w/ binoculars. Of course the camera could have been sending a live feed but I've really only heard about the tape at this point.
  7. Question for Jets fans

    I'm attempting to have a civil converstation, why should I be ashamed? How can you be certain of how long it takes to decipher signals? According to Mike Shanahan just by using binoculars they can decipher signals by half time, sometimes by the end of the first quarter. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/inside_game/magazine/life_of_reilly/news/2002/01/09/life_of_reilly/ And if the camera is just sending a live feed into a booth, how much of an edge is that really when you can just sit there with a pair of high powered binocaulars and write down the signals or say what they are into a tape recoder? Or even better, you could use a telephoto lens and zoom in on the signal callers and take photos of them right? The end result is the same no matter what method you use.
  8. Question for Jets fans

    I'm sure the Patriots tried to decipher signals every time they play you, just like the Jets do every time they play the Patriots and every other team. And I'm sure the Jets and the Patriots both change signals on a regular basis right? If this has such an impact on the game, when you beat the Patriots last year did that have anything to due with the Jets deciphering hand signals or did you just play better then the Pats?
  9. Question for Jets fans

    But from what I understand about all this is deciphering signals isn't against the rules at all and seems to be common practice. The Patriots are in trouble for is the actual taping of it correct? And if the latest stories from the media are true the tape was confiscated before anyone got a chance to look at them?
  10. Ok, my question for you is this: many of you seem to think the Pats only won because they cheated and that every game the Pats have won has been called into question. What exactly did they do against the Jets that was illegal and allowed them to dominate the game?