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  1. Ravens fan here, I will be more than suprised if you can run effectively against the Ravens. You may have better luck with a few deep passes as our secondary sometimes gambles and can get beat deep more than some other teams. Honestly, I think the key for the Ravens is to get an early lead especially if your backup qb plays, the Ravens love to blitz and for an untried qb that will present big problems. Our weakness is again our offense, we just cannot get consistent play from any qb. If either Mcnair or Boller have even a decent game I predict a Ravens victory,but that is by no means a sure thing. Hoping for no more serious injuried to either team.
  2. The replacement for Ogden is Adam Terry, has a few years of experience mainly as a backup. The starting rt will be the rookie Marshall Yanda a 3rd rd pick out of Iowa, The replacement for Sams will be either Cory Ross or Yamon Figurs the rookie out of Kansas State. Figurs can be exciting but during camp he had problems holding onto the ball, Ross is sure handed but is no threaat to you guys running back punts. As far as Gaither the rookie tackle taken in the supplemental draft, he has looked both overpowering at times and has looked like the typical rookie especially against speed rushes in camp and preseason.