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  1. Anthony Schlegel, Ohio State He’s also know for body slamming a fan that ran onto the field while coaching at OSU
  2. Title gave me a woody Thought, damnit, it’s back
  3. Maybe Saleh is playing for the future. Giving his young players valuable experience, sink or swim, and we get better draft picks to build. Year 3 will show if it worked
  4. Turnover rate & great draft picks are consistent. Who’s responsible? win now or gtfo?
  5. There is a bball player, Michael Carter lll 6’5 175 Portland State. WR?
  6. It’s 1 game but an awesome game! Let’s see if Mike & Mike can keep this going after teams got some tape on them LG J E T S!!!
  7. I hear ya though. INADEQUATE seems to sum up the same ol'jets, right
  8. Even Detroit needs some lovin. Stafford is doing well recently. Their line sux though! We'll be aight.
  9. Jets are right on track. Teams that go 16-0 lose SBs'. In order to be an authentic Jets SB, the Jets need to win as an undeserving underdog. I wouldn't have it any other way. We're only mid season. Enjoy the roller coaster. On the bright side, Revis is lookin good!
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