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  1. i have the game for ps3 and d1aa teams are not in the game so i created appalachain state and armanti edwards is a freakin beast!!!!! the first season 8-4 losses to florida state, boston college, oklahoma state, virginia tech, i play in the ACC
  2. we need crank dat soulja boy and everybody on the team should crank dat when we score
  3. i think the nets will lose in the 2nd round of the playoffs like always
  4. Sam Bradford is a beast Go Sooners! Boomer Sooner!
  5. ocho cinco andre johnson and lee evans (i feel a big week comin on)
  6. starting right now is steven jackson and joseph addai and idk who to put at wr/rb tatum bell Deon Branch Drew Bennett Deangelo Williams Michael Turner Arnaz Battle
  7. should i start him against a good vikings defense
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