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  1. Macc was atrocious. No way around it...coming after the Idzik/Rex clown show only amplifies the damge the last two regimes have done to an already blah Jets brand of football. Have zero in confidence in Gase and can only hope Douglas has more of clue then the JN draft thread. Darnold looks young and maybe promising but only if Gase is decent (probably not), in which case we're back to square one soon enough.
  2. Agree with the play calling = hot garbage. Led me to think he protecting Darnold's hand injury...did they talk about his injury after the game?
  3. In other news the Jets are 4-8. Haven't sniffed the playoffs in a decade and doubtful to return any time soon. Thanks for the info. JN is lost without you.
  4. Should we trade him for 7 seventh round pick? We need all the picks we can for the rebuild.
  5. He's trolling for clicks which might sound familiar to you.
  6. Dick trolling as usual. You posting it here, business as usual.
  7. QW is/was always a boom/bust pick. Hopefully, he picks it up at some point. Josh Allen sure looks better. Ugh, can we rehire/fire Macc just for fun?
  8. Thanks. Spent 8 years fixing the Bone. Cold as hell in the winter.
  9. I've had this thought as well...team looked slow and had zero energy throughout.
  10. Doubtful a white knight owner comes in to rescue us. Same across the bottom dwellers of the NFL. Very little hope and many empty stadiums. JD better know how to draft or we are doomed to another decade of trash football.
  11. Your silliness at its best. Your post is more focused on how Douglas would not get criticized for trading a "Macc sh*tty pick". Just stop trying to push a narrative that promotes obtaining lottery tickets over player development/production. Good coaching/leadership can help young players to thrive and I like what GW brings to our team. 8 games into an NFL career is just a little too soon to judge the future of a 21-year old lineman. Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself.
  12. Good observation. I see the logic in bringing in competition but not seeing how much better Harrison is/was is a little worrisome.

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