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  1. Do we think we lost the crowd to 80 and Crusher's new PM thread about politics?
  2. Have we lynched Barry yet?
  3. You're projecting. Try to insinuate I play consistently to drive my lynch. Scum tactics = scum.
  4. You do realize these are all from one game right? lol. You're scum and making this sh*t up. Now I know why you can't let it go. lol
  5. How aggressive was I the last day 1?
  6. ...and the strawman you are posting is ridiculous.
  7. You are making sh*t up about me always voting self voters. Read below.
  8. Is it just me or has Nolder quit games lately when he's been scum? Almost like he doesn't want to let the team down.
  9. 1. You are replying to yourself. Usually a scum tell IMO. 2. So my lynch allows you to put Arsis in the null pile? Dumb. 3. Do you have a legit case against Arsis?
  10. I don't care how I look. You are creating a train on how others responded to me not on anything I did. In fact Barry's whole case is on actions I did not take rather than on something I did. Arsis is Arsis. Another poor player who plays the pity card with his self votes similar to others around here. I vote it when its AtE to stop a lynch not in the joke phase of Day 1.
  11. Because its day 1 and the motherfer has become Smash like with an aversion to posting any content in the early game. Other than that this game has been a sh*t show of cuckoldry and memes. Not much else to go on.
  12. Nah, **** it. Unvote, vote Barry. FOS on Drums for jumping on this narrative where if I don't vote according to one player's preconceived notion I therefore must be scum. I am town.
  13. ^^^this guy already setting up lynches.
  14. Barry is obviously making this sh*t up as he goes along. You suck at this. Now let's lynch Pac.

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