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  1. I cannot wait until football so we can talk about the Jets and not a disgraced hack and his click here posts.
  2. Just wait and watch him take us to the playoffs this year!
  3. You had the advantage of being scum. Even if you were wrong you were right as you eliminated competition. Good game. After AVM there was zero hope for town. I couldn't have slowed it down if I had tried. My price to pay for not protecting Kdels.
  4. lol, seriously. You didn't care and it was obvious.
  5. I'm stupid. Didn't play well and couldn't wrap my head around JiF's role. Thought maybe he was GF over both teams. Just didn't want to eliminate a possibility without confirmation.
  6. @jvill 51, @GATA Great game, great setup. Thanks for letting me play.
  7. You missed this and yes I've seen her fake claim.
  8. Should have lynched her at reveal. Only reason I protected her was to see if she'd do the right thing. It's why I feel bad for not protecting Kdels. He deserved better. I had doubts you guys would have the stones to lynch her ass. The Doc reveal never felt good and I've made that mistake before hesitating on reveal I hate.
  9. Dude, I was afraid to celebrate thinking I could somehow be wrong.
  10. Have no idea what night we just entered into but Hess was probably buying time to get Nyn one more view.
  11. I miss Lake George. Spent many a weekend or so there back in the 80s. Water very cold but love the Mini-hah-hah.
  12. @Dicetosser, @Barry McCockinner, @CTM, @kdels62 My apologies again to Kdels but she needed to prove herself and she couldn't. Never fake claims? Really @Dicetosser? Should have lynched her days ago. Some of you really enjoy ass pain. Buy a bidet. Your friend, JC

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