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  1. Stop. Breathe a moment. We won a game. Jamal played great. You're still butt hurt over his draft position. Slow down. Think it through. Really?
  2. The Jets suck at drafting...the last regime especially...no sh*t...no reason to hate the player no matter whether you like the slot he was drafted.
  3. Dude was lights out...like I stated in numerous threads...the guy is part of the solution.
  4. Great game. Thanks to all who attended.
  5. You're a Jets fan. This is not new nor brilliant but you knew that already.
  6. I'd trade him for the sixth we gave to New England for DT.
  7. Seriously? We've completed the rebuild? lol I'm hoping for Joe D's success but realize it is hope and he's proven nothing yet. To suggest otherwise is a bit misleading. Further, "all the good things" the ownership "has done in the past six months" includes allowing a known idiot to spend FA dollars as well run a draft where our top 10 pick may turn out decent but the rest is a lottery ticket. I get it. You're a homer but at some level we need to acknowledge our fandom has taught us many lessons and the one that sounds loudest to me is, blind faith in our leaders may lead us to misery. I'm glad to see many fans of my favorite team find ways to rise above the bullsh*t.
  8. This. The Jets and the Johnsons would have been better off polling the draft thread instead of the idiots drafting for us.
  9. When the team is low on talent the idea is to collect talent that is willing to work hard. Need more like him than not. McCourty & Chung are two nice pieces in a machine that emphasizes the betterment of the team. The Jets are a dumpster fire trying to find some building blocks.
  10. He brings energy and passion to playing football. He looks like he's trying to do too much. This is not difficult to correct. With all the crappy picks and players on the Jets I'd prefer to keep one who actually gives a fukk about the play on the field.

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