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  1. A great read and I appreciate you posting this although I may have some disagreements. I like how you tried match the player profile to the "scheme fit" of the Jets. I also like how you prioritized the center position. At the current projected value/my non-expert opinion I'd prefer we steer clear of AVT, Jenkins and Darrisaw. I'd prefer an Etienne or Harris at RB plus a Leatherwood, Humphrey, or Eichenberg. I'll admit I did not have Radunz on my radar but sounds like he's a similar caliber of player. Either way, if we could get one of the RB and one of the OL at#23 and #34 I'd be happy.
  2. So the skinny here is the Jets want Jenkins? I would have thought JD looks inside at the center position before addressing the RT position. Also, I read somewhere Jenkins had sloppy techniques. Are they committed or a smokescreen?
  3. Perine and Johnson epitomize the concept of "nobodies" AKA JAGs. Coleman's reputation is of a useful piece in a stable of RBBC. The sum of these parts is not enough to balance the needs/complement the play of a rookie QB. JD needs to do better roster construction than placing the offense entirely on ZW or whoever he picks at #2 overall. He has done zilch to address the OL in free agency which suggests he needs to target this area in the draft early and often. I'd argue that a "special" (yes, I think both Harris and Etienne are special) RB, especially early in their career would take the
  4. The only trade I can is to move down for extra picks. JD knows he still needs to address the IOL and my guess is he'll take the highest center on his board with his second pick. I just don't think he'll make that pick at #23.
  5. Oh, I actually see NH as the next Derrick Henry, so I'd be ecstatic over that pick. Parts of me sees Etienne as the next LT and LT even at the end with the Jets was special. Either helps the new QB. JD has some tough decisions but hopefully it's all offense till the fourth.
  6. We actually agree on this. I would love for the Jets to land him or Etienne. Then Eichenberg or Humphrey at #34.
  7. I only did a four round mock. I liked it.
  8. I agree with the basic premise of the thread. JD is very deliberate and obviously focused on value in the draft. He has his board and he plays his hand how he wants. I was very surprised last year with the trade back and still ending up with Mims (who needs to show better this year). I can definitely see him drafting either the best CB or ER left on the board at #23 and I'm OK with that. My dream is he can somehow walk away with two or three of Etienne, Harris, Jenkins, Eichenberg, Leatherwood, Humphrey or Dickerson with picks 23, 34, and 66.
  9. Good news Bum. My thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
  10. JD had one draft and Rome wasn't built in a day, but he does need to step it up. Usually take 2-3 years to evaluate a draft and COVID did have an impact on player readiness.
  11. Greenberg sold his soul to create clicks and conversations. He wants to push his own brand. With that said, JD needs to step it up and start to draft some NFL-ready prospects or we're back on the crazy carousel. National media only wants to see us wallow in the basement because Jets fans are loyal and will still follow the product and click the bait they offer us.
  12. Do you know how to keep an idiot in suspense?
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