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  1. My hunch says your fear will be realized. Jets will address defense early and often this draft.
  2. Cooper is nothing more than stop gap. His best days are behind him.
  3. Jets fans finally have a leadership group taking the correct approach. The team was a complete dumpster fire for over a decade. Each GM over that time period pursued quick, short term victories that did not build a foundation. The long term approach often avoids short-term success in order to build a better foundation. The current leadership finally wants to build this the right way. I'd give him and Saleh long term deals to make sure they don't get away and to keep the Johnson family as far away from football decisions as possible. Trust the process and stay the course.
  4. Joe Douglas deserves a 10-year contract extension.
  5. Thanks for the shout out @jvill 51, but I have to sit this one out. Busier than expected.
  6. What is a salary cap? Does it apply to all teams? Is there an allowance for established teams who have carved an identify that makes the NFL watchable on Sunday? To not allow the name-brand teams to go over the cap seems down right un-democratic?
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