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  1. This is funny Bob. On many levels. You may be right, or not. Really wish the Macc Coffee had made this easier by just drafting him when he had the chance. I don't disagree that JD makes this kind of deal just think the haggling may take a while and Houston may just hire Bieniemy and make the whole point moot. I also have a general distrust of agents and the way the talking heads play the Jets in the media to better position their client. Won't be disappointed if it happens this way (price is right) but I'm doubtful till it happens.
  2. Ape or Stark. Must choose one for scum. Who do you choose?
  3. Had no other place to go. Wanted to see where this went. Not sure I wanted the self-vote.
  4. Oh, I'm skimming. The game is just now drawing my attention. Are you trying to change gears or just probing?
  5. JiF can play that tone from either alignment. He likes to go both ways.
  6. That equates to flipping out. lol...now I know.
  7. meh...kinda of a stretch...I take that as he doesn't haven't the influence to get you lynched.
  8. Still deep in the heart of Texas. Wish it were legal here. Might have to try a toke or two.
  9. Please post the one about not control his vote. I must have missed that.
  10. I voted Drums. He was tentative. No other reason. You skimming? Stark moves closer to the scum pile.
  11. I could vote JiF. Just a hunch.
  12. Kind of a strong play here by Stark. I like this town. Shaping up rather nicely.

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