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  1. Hopefully, the sooner we can expect him back. NFL gonna be crazy this year with the possibilities of forfeitures and the like.
  2. Very valuable signing. We knew it before C-19 is making depth crucial.
  3. I never understood why you kept pushing Spoot. I thought I was obvious. Made you easy to vote.
  4. At that point it would only hurt your position. Nyn was dead and she did give me a gun.
  5. You were perfect giving out the toys and each one played a strong hand in helping us win. Sorry, about the doppelganger stuff. Barry had my head swimming in tinfoil.
  6. I thought I had bolded. I did bold your name at least I thought I did.
  7. Great game! Glad we could collaborate a win for a change.
  8. @jvill 51Awesome game. Amazing set-up. I enjoyed this. Thank you! Good game everyone!
  9. Barry, like I stated earlier. If Ape wins, Ape wins. My read between you two was him slightly more town. I've lost before voting a player who I didn't want to lose to instead of just trusting my reads. If we're wrong, we're wrong. You can blame me.
  10. FTR. However this turns out. This why I almost always want to lynch players who self vote.
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