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  1. NFL should force slapdick owners to sell team after 10 years of non-performance.
  2. Should have went with military grey, white, green camo. Think Oregon East updated for the NFL.
  3. Pretty sure that's Zach with an H but does that really matter to your narrative. Nah, probably not.
  4. Or you draft two until you know one is the guy and then trade the other. Many roads to Dublin.
  5. ^^^This^^^ Definitely helps a young QB when you bring in the best WR in football.
  6. I heard this and thought of this thread. Anyone else concerned? https://tctmed.com/can-watching-sports-affect-testosterone-levels/#:~:text=The results showed a 20,counteracts the daily testosterone decrease.
  7. The difference between the #2 and #3 overall pick exacts a heavy toll. Thank god Zach's parents raised him right.
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