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  1. Got the first dose of Pfizer yesterday.
  2. Thought somebody might have an interest. Wish I could afford/find one. https://www.fredminnick.com/2021/03/03/buffalo-trace-to-release-bottled-in-bond-day-commemorative-e-h-taylor-single-barrel/?fbclid=IwAR0wIQLDHe6CcGdZMYbkVBFhf9ycf6s_tJ1nnQyErl6qeneNPjazMdOm8vk
  3. Yeah, I figured it out during the catch up. Well played. Good luck tonight.
  4. Why does 80 think @Drumsis town? I'm willing to listen before I vote.
  5. @Greenseed4 Here. I found more info on the subject. Just remember to add the T for toxic.
  6. Stahp. @Drums is squarely in my scum pile but I do want @Jetsfan80 to make a case why he shouldn't be.
  7. I'm hedging which is kinda like edging but we add the H to appreciate the humor in this.
  8. James Bond > Screech Stop whining you contriving bitch. lol
  9. Townies almost always provide a read list so remaining players can evaluate after their eventual death.
  10. Amend my reads list to include @Spoot-Face in the scum pile. Players who refuse to provide reads are often the scum as they want flexibility in the end.
  11. Angry Spoot has always been Scum. I'm fully engaged and caught up. Rule 14! Argo GFY!
  12. With the past sh*t show you just had I would have thought you would have voted Ape. Strange days indeed.
  13. sh*t or get off the pot. Please provide your reads now. Thanks in advance.
  14. Wagonomics as I stated before. You are really stretching this out.
  15. Ya know, fake scum hunting is hard. Points for trying.
  16. @Drums, @Stark or @BUM-KNEE. I could lynch any of these. @Spoot-Face in my town pile for no real reason but his narrative sounded fine during the last game day. @Jetsfan80 can DIAF.
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