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  1. Jamal Adams is playing lights out. The peanut gallery throwing shade on a good young Jets player. Imagine that. Yet, they suggest he's shaping the narrative. Duh, yeah, he's shaping the narrative with his play and I'm enjoying watching that. I hope we keep him.
  2. Coaching staff/front office seems to like him. Maybe you just pushing a narrative.
  3. I thought the black uni's looked good with the green helmet.
  4. Because, like you know, Adam Gase is the HC.
  5. The tragedy continues when Matt Rhule topples all of Belichick's Super Bowl records for any team but the Jets.
  6. I avoid Twitter. Who is Joe Cappicola? Google only listed obits.
  7. The agent of change championed Gase only months ago now his tune has changed. Does he have a real opinion or just a better narrative to generate clicks? Looks like a douchebag to me. You decide.
  8. Manish Mehta is a douchebag. Good stat for ESPN. You sure it wasn't Cimini?
  9. Good perspective. A lot riding on Joe Douglas for this franchise. I hope he's the real deal.
  10. I'm a Jets fan and we have no heroes. The over arching problem with this franchise is the ownership and the multiple dumb ass FO who cannot draft. To keep trading players who can play for more lottery picks is just churning for the sake of churning. The idea is to build through the draft and develop and retain talent. Jamal has talent. He's put off by the business sides of things. You sound frustrated because a 25 year-old has not changed the Jets fate. I'd rather see my team acquire and keep talented players until there's more talent than not. You sound like you want more lotto tickets. Good luck.
  11. Does he regret the uniform change?
  12. Jamal Adams make the playoffs before the Johnson's Jets. Just saying. Chasing low-hanging fruit is just fruitless.
  13. Doesn't matter. Attitude reflects leadership and it looks like the inmates are running the asylum but hey we need more threads about how Jamal Adams is a poor leader. Lol. At a certain point do you think the Jets fans could force the owners to sell?
  14. What I like the most about our current situation is Johnson listens to Macc as we hire Gase, who tells CJ, Macc has to go which leads to the Douglas hire who now has to explain to the Johnson how Gase can 1. Fix this or 2. the next HC can fix it. You can't make this sh*t up. A complete dumpster fire brought to you by Johnson&Johnson. For those who thought the Adams story was bad, ya'll need to hold your beer. This team is DOA until the Johnson's sell.
  15. Was it really just three months ago when he was having such a great off season? Time sure plays tricks.
  16. I've yet to see this billionaire ownership group understand the term. We're fukked till the Johnson's sell the team.
  17. Unfortunately, I'm afraid he's learning some real hard to break bad habits.

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