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  1. Thanks for this. I still want others to chime in but I'm definitely leaning toward voting Spoot.
  2. I'm just trying to jump start the "what's next" conversation. I could vote Spoot and let AJ hammer but I don't trust AJ enough yet and the ramifications of being wrong would devastate town. AJ and I would most likely swing and swing fast. Would AJ offer himself up to take out the Doc? I could keep my vote on pdx and encourage others to join me but that just kicks the Spoot can down the road. I can call for a counter. Not exactly sure where I'm at yet but we at least need to have the conversation and we definitely need for all the players to weigh in before proceeding.
  3. This escalated quickly. I'm not buying your reveal either. Why you still voting a known town player?
  4. You are probably right but the play here is to wait for a counter. Although, I'd expect "the real Doc" to lead here and Spoot just shriveled up.
  5. I posted the obvious (Nolder in my town pile) without alluding to the mod-confirmed. I really didn't expect Spoot's reaction but was interested in anyone who thought I was still suspect and who might spin it as suspect. Slight reaction test to gauge who needed a reason to vote me. Still think I've been pretty obviously town since the Smash flip. Nolder's post just brought attention to it.
  6. Still mad at 80 for adding a mod-confirmed townie. Wouldn't be shocked to see Spoot vote Nolder soon.
  7. You suck at this. You tried to find any reason, any reason you could spin to justify your attacks. From low-level activity to my wording in putting Nolder squarely into the town pile. Then you admit I'm town. Priceless! You've already pointed I've played an awful town game cause you know I'm town. You're trying your best to walk it back but you can't.
  8. But still town as you obviously KNOW. You are the scum and will soon swing.

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