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  1. 11 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    This is the most maddening statement...."the right way" apparnetly needs to be 3 brutal seasons. Its based off bullsh*t projections and makes people sound smart. What basis that this is the right way. 6 wins in 2 years? Is that the right way

    When will you guys wake up and realize rebuilds dont take years anymore in the modern NFL. 

    I know saying this is the right way is your way of getting through 2-14 seasons but its not the right way, 

    Joe Sutter Quote: “When we were told it's impossible, we knew it's the right  way to

  2. 3 hours ago, Warfish said:

    WR should be the pick at #10, and the player should be Wilson.

    I don't know if that is what JD will do, but it's what I think we should do.

    Zach needs help if we want him to not bust.  Plain and simple IMO. 

    It's not coming in FA for big $$ and it's not coming in FA on the cheap either.

    Edge at #4 is fine by me, it's a major need and the best WR's are most in the 10-15 range, prospect wise, so fine.  Take an Edge at #4.

    But #10 needs to be a WR.  And one of the 2nd's needs to be a TE.

    My personal fear is that JD thinks he's already dealt with WR#1...with Davis, last year.  That JD think he'll be a fine #1 in 2022.  That is my fear.

    My hunch says your fear will be realized.  Jets will address defense early and often this draft.

  3. 4 hours ago, oatmeal said:

    It’s mental gymnastics to call coop “rapidly declining” and injury prone when he’s better than anything we had here in almost a decade…. Name a better player available please while you are at it..


    Keep drinking that JD’s town koolaid  

    Cooper is nothing more than stop gap.  His best days are behind him.  



  4. 19 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

    About how long it will take him to build a 9 win roster. 

    Jets fans finally have a leadership group taking the correct approach.  The team was a complete dumpster fire for over a decade.  Each GM over that time period pursued quick, short term victories that did not build a foundation.  The long term approach often avoids short-term success in order to build a better foundation.  The current leadership finally wants to build this the right way.  I'd give him and Saleh long term deals to make sure they don't get away and to keep the Johnson family as far away from football decisions as possible.  Trust the process  and stay the course.  


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  5. 7 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    I have to preface this by saying I’m no cap and/or contract guru nor do I care to be.

    That said, the NFL salary cap seems to be a complete farce and incredibly easily to manipulate.  

    The Packers, who are anticipated to be about 50 million dollars over the cap, cleared out nearly half that amount by basically doing logistical switching of bonus money yada yada.

    The salary cap in the NFL is supposed to be their answer to competitive balance.  As an average fan, I don’t think  it comes anywhere close to doing that.  Too many loopholes and ways around it.  If the Packers want nearly the same team back next year, they can find a way to do it.  

    At  most, it seems the cap just allows teams to kick the cam down the road until their window closes anyway, then they can just do what the Jets are doing now and start over from bare bones trying to amass tons of picks.  

    What is a salary cap?  Does it apply to all teams?  Is there an allowance for established teams who have carved an identify that makes the NFL watchable on Sunday?   To not allow the name-brand teams to go over the cap seems down right un-democratic? 

  6. 9 hours ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    How about Jermaine Johnson @ 4, Devin Lloyd @ 10, Zion Johnson @ 35, Pickens @ 38, and Ruckert @ 69?

    Same positions.

    Imo, the drop-off from Ike to Johnson and McBride to Ruckert isn't as great as Lloyd to the second tier linebackers. 

    We can still build around Zach without reaching for positions of need if they supplement the draft with free agency. 

    Good post!  I'm coming around to the idea the Jets will use both first rounders' on defense.  Would love the ER and Devin Lloyd.  We can only hope Zion Johnson makes it into the second round.  He may have moved into the first round with the senior bowl (early to practice/stay late + learn a new position) play.  Pickens and Ruckert are both on my short list as well.  Ferguson (TE Wisconsin) flashed as well.  Both RBs for the Nats looked productive as well.  May be worth a flier in the late rounds.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    Yes in the corporate world this is true. But the Rooney rule prohibits this exact thing from happening and that is the issue here.


    5 minutes ago, Jetscode1 said:

    No crime no foul.  The individual clubs are separate entities.  How they follow/interpret arcane rules from the commish who works for the said entities is dubious at best.  The optics are awful but zero crime.

    Of course, if Mr. Flores can prove Mr. Ross did indeed bribe him to intentionally lose games then the Dolphins and possibly the NFL may have a serious problem.  The optics that allow professional gamblers access to that kind of information could cause Congress to act but the billionaire owners would surely not let that happen.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    Yes in the corporate world this is true. But the Rooney rule prohibits this exact thing from happening and that is the issue here.

    No crime no foul.  The individual clubs are separate entities.  How they follow/interpret arcane rules from the commish who works for the said entities is dubious at best.  The optics are awful but zero crime.

  9. On 2/4/2022 at 7:44 PM, WestCoastMole said:

    Indeed Mumbles does have a long standing relationship with the Maras. That is why many believe that Mumbles turning tale and running out on Leon Hess's Heirs the way he did happened.

    What people are crying about is that Mumbles revealed the HC hiring process failed. The decision on who to hire was made before the process was complete. And this directly falls on the Giants. They obviously told Mumbles something under confidence he would not disclose it to anyone. Or at least it was implied confidence. Mumbles decided he was going to tattle and give Dabol the scoop. The whole thing backfired and revealed the hiring process was at the very least arbitrary and capricious if not racially discriminatory.

    Do you work for a media outlet?  

  10. 7 hours ago, JiFapono said:

    I think the good news for those who are like, yo! the D was horrible, we cant ignore it is...

    The offense is already, very good.  This isnt a knock on Zach but we saw it when he went down that this offense can put up a ton of yards and score.  They dropped 34 points and 510 yards of offense vs. the AFC Champions w/ a backup QB making his first ever start.  The offense doesnt need an overhaul.  It's actually very close and really can be completely fixed with just a strong FA class, they really dont have to spend picks on offense.

    Literally, all they have to do is; Resign Moses, sign and/or draft a mid-round IOL, sign a veteran TE and WR and also target both in the draft where it makes sense and literally, the offense is fixed, and you barely lifted a finger. 

    Agree with most of this.  The offense is in way better shape the defense.  I want Moses re-signed as well.  Make Becton earn a spot.  Look heavy at FA for WR and TE as well as draft another.  I'd also argue for an IOL to add youth and competition.    

    We still need a major upgrade on defense, especially at ER and LBs.  Grab two of each high in this draft.  My dream draft at this point is Thibodeaux and Devin Lloyd in the first.  Best available WR or TE in the second.  Look at remaining ER with the additional picks.  For those suggesting the return of Carl Lawson is enough, you are mistaken.  He's not a proven commodity and if we get any return on him would be a surprise not an expectation.  

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