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  1. You should have voted Beaver. Instead you do this. Sucks to be you.
  2. I get it. You a good dude. Your slot is scummy. Did you read where I called him out? Did you see him avoid the second Smash train? Did you read about him avoiding any other interaction? At a certain point, we are all held accountable for our votes or lack thereof. A simple townie has little else to offer unless they have a sense of humor.
  3. Leaning heavily town. I could be wrong but he's contributed often during the past several days and I see no reason not to trust him at this point.
  4. Hi GATA! Are you really a bot of CTM's creation? Are you Jets fan? Have you voted yet today? Your in my town pile currently. My best bet is deckerfan. Have another idea?
  5. Give me your case against Drums in three sentences. Thanks in advance.
  6. What were you looking for? I'm confident pdxgreen played like scum. deckerfan is trying to splain it but I'll trust my reads. Until that is resolved I see no practical utility in looking at other options. FTR...I saw the same with Bum-Knee yesterday. I saw the case made but I thought this slot was more scummy in my eyes. I take my own counsel at the risk of being wrong. I can handle that.
  7. AJ was right...we get it, you don't want to read...your slot didn't want to vote and you seemed to have found your soul mate. You need to swing so we can get on with this either way. ote Dickerher
  8. You! Luckily I still think the simpler choice is deckerfan.
  9. Time to stop taking the temperature and make a diagnosis. Just list your town/scum reads so we can get on with this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Please list your top 2 for scum and top 2 for town.
  11. No rush. No deadline. I need the inactives to vote and deckerfan (more specifically pdxgreen) is an inactive.
  12. I guess you want to string it out...without hurting your chances later on. Seems kinda awkward but OK...guess if I was scum I'd do similar.
  13. ...and this is why deckerfan needs to die and die soon. Notice the VC...Having fun shooting the sh*t--stoking the flames...all the while @deckerfanis too chicken sh*t to vote. Vote deckerfan
  14. more to pdxgreen than deckerfan...pdx had a strange but timely vote on me earlier when I was barely playing...then never votes Smash on the second Smash run-up...could be newbie...could be scum...deckerfan just tried to inflame the situation so I prefer him over beaver...oh the Gata vote on Beaver makes me want to see a flip...she capable of that level of push the momentum...I mean I practically announced I'd hammer either at L-1.
  15. I always thought mafia could teach an intro to government course. just saying...
  16. deckerfan my #1, followed by beaver...Drums seems town.
  17. ...and yet we celebrate those who pick up a bad slot and lead their team to victory. You're scum. You know it and I know it. Rule 14.
  18. yes, I like the action, you like the action? Who you voting now? If forced to choose to lynch between Beaver and deckerfan, who do you lynch?

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