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  1. Do news media guys start threads to troll JN? Asking for a friend.
  2. The Bengals were a team content with bad seasons until their fortunes changed with a stud QB. Prior to Burrow, they were content to to take chances on several players with reduced draft stock. Joe Mixon the best example. Then they hit jackpot with Joe Burrow who changed the narrative and then they hit a HR with Chase. They obviously could have stood pat and went with Higgins and Boyd. Many thought they'd call out Sewell in last year's draft. Instead they drafted an insta-star who already had chemistry with their QB. My hats off to their fortune. As a fan of a downtrodden team, I hope we can see something similar.
  3. Just one that I can recall, albeit in the supplemental but it was back to back first rounders.
  4. Without a trade back, I'd look hard at the edge rushers and maybe Devin Lloyd with one of the firsts. Then load up on more offense whether with a WR or OL with the other first. Identify the best TE in the draft and get him with one of the seconds or the third rounder. Which ever did didn't get addressed with the other first (WR or OL) gets addressed with the other second or third. We need more offense to compete in this league and that starts with getting more talent and depth for Zach to grow. Yes, the Jets needs to add some youth and energy to the defense with a couple of premium assets but the offense still has the priority IMO. Lastly, Coach Saleh needs to coach his ass off.
  5. Maybe if you posted a list with names like formerly known as... The fact the site keeps re-cycling the trolls is a bit disconcerting.
  6. This site has more trolls than fans. Many work in the media business.
  7. My recollection of him was inconsistent in Oakland. Some great games, some meh. He probably played better in Dallas than I want to give him credit.
  8. JJ would have to give a ton to make this happen. Cooper was inconsistent in Oakland and played better but still never was that good in Dallas. I'd prefer Ridley fwiw.
  9. Great thread. Love me some McBride and Ruckert. Hope to see the coaching staff do their due diligence. I'm hoping for two TEs in the draft without regard to how FA plays out.
  10. Are we really looking at supporting the Bengals in their Super Bowl drive?
  11. Wouldn't hate it but sure would like him in the teens with a future #1 or #2 in the pocket.
  12. This is not as valuable as it would seem. The Jets GMs were atrocious. The JN draft forum would have produced better results than both.
  13. Aren't you a happy soul.
  14. low-risk signing...fwiw, here is a draft profile.
  15. + = JD and Saleh - = Woody's continued involvement with this team - = media coverage of this god forsaken team (looks at Cimini + the rest of the jabronis)
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