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  1. Most content usually equates to scum looking active.
  2. You want to claim now or you just gonna lolcat?
  3. I cannot imagine this game with Stark not scum. The hammer was just awful. He had zero patience. A good towny at least asks if Lizzie wanted to claim. I don't have a #2. Need more intel.
  4. The consensus is Stark. You should vote him and lynch scum.
  5. Wow! This town definitely wants Stark to swing for that dirty hammer on our poor Doc. I can go along with this. Unvote, Vote Stark
  6. It was funnier live. Wish you were here. When does your hiatus end?
  7. Unvote, Vote Stark OK. I'm willing to join the consensus and lynch Stark. Time to kill scum. Now, I'll watch closely to see who peels off.
  8. I was his first choice as scum. I put Lizzie at L-1 to see if anyone would abandon his train or sink him. If he was suspicious of me I’d think he wouldn’t hammered.
  9. Your reasoning was garbage. Please lynch this scum now please.
  10. Vote Stark. Seriously doubt I move my vote. Enjoy the day.
  11. Is there a DL for night? or did our scum team runaway in fear?
  12. Top 2 for scum: Nyn and Stark Top 2 for town: Crusher and JiF.
  13. My apologies to all for my small role in @Lizard Kinglynch. I really expected some to abandon his train once I got him to L-1. At least it highlighted the utter hypocrisy of @Stark who hammered. I mean, I was his top lynch candidate and he follows me onto his train. The dude is scummy as fukk.

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