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  1. Out of thew newbies, this guy here is my top choice for scum. You tracking?
  2. I am town. Still learning to navigate the large field. Can I rule you out?
  3. Good to see you here AJ. You know I avoid night chatter for the most part. Who you like for scum?
  4. Good to see you in here AJ. Teh Mafia is good.. Magic 8-ball is best on Day 1 although I was wrong on Verb. lol
  5. FTR...I'm not voting you Smash. Please continue with your passion to avoid the lynch mob. You can do this. BTW...who are your scum mates? CTM? Do either of you get some kind of an award for bussing the other? You can tell me. Just between us.
  6. Thanks for props. I work hard each mafia day to find/lynch scum. We will need to work together to find scum after we lynch the scummy CTM and Smash.
  7. I like to lynch scum. You and CTM are scum. I'm gonna vote either of you till one of you swing. Thanks.
  8. Why don't you just have your scum team use their NK on him. Win-win.
  9. Unvote Crusher, Vote CTM. Oh yeah, they're the same player. Scum is as scum does. Sorry to see you flip to the scum side Chan.
  10. If you quote of few of these "townie Crusher" posts I might listen. Other than that, you're just talking out your ass again.
  11. The only real way to vett him is how he votes. Does his voting pattern lynch town or scum?
  12. You obviously have more flair for Day 1 than most. I used to policy lynch this one dude for a couple of years. It was fun.

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