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  1. fwiw...this guy at the Huddle Report compared him to Teddy Bruschi. Here is the link. https://www.thehuddlereport.com/blog/?p=2156
  2. At this point, I'm hoping JD trades back in first to get another #1 next year + a sweetener (2nd or 3rd) this year. We had a good draft in 2021. He needs another this year. If he can parlay two top 10 picks this year, into a top ten, plus a 10-20 first rounder, double up in rounds 2-4 this year, plus an extra one next year, he may just fix the Jets and this dysfunctional franchise for the rest of the decade.
  3. IMO, we should bring back Fant and Moses. Both played very well this past year. Make Becton earn a starting gig. Becton was a good rookie, not a multi-time All-Pro.
  4. Throw them a bone, throw them a 4th rounder and call it a deal.
  5. Jetscode1

    Bart Scott

    Give him the red dot special.
  6. Rome wasn't built in a day. They are definitely issues with certain areas but I love the fact we have a coach trying to teach his way to depth. A matter of approach as I view it. The OL and the running game looks better than anything we've seen here since Rex's ground and pound. The defense has struggled mightily. Is Ulbrich the answer? I'm not convinced but again I appreciate the fact Saleh is playing youth on both sides of the ball and hope the lessons learned will pay off in the future.
  7. Saleh's staff look like good teachers from my perspective. JD needs to stack another good draft class and this team can better in a hurry.
  8. My thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
  9. Jetscode1


    Neal may be great. I suspect he's higher on Jax's wish list than ER but even then our OT have played decent. I would be shocked if JD sat (not trade down) and drafts another OL. Linderbaum intrigues me because, he may be available with the Seahawks picks or via trade down.
  10. Jetscode1


    He will not get out of the first round at this point. I'd love him as well. Just watching ZW play, just want to solidify the talent around that unit more. Ask me next week and I'd probably change my mind. Dean is the real deal as well.
  11. Jetscode1


    I do not think we are wasting first round draft picks on the OL. We improve a strength of the team. We have obvious holes everywhere but Linderbaum is the real deal. My ideal is JD can trade back and save some draft capital for 2023 but I have no qualms settling for a Hutchinson/Linderbaum first round in 2022. If anything, it confirms that JD wants to build this team from the inside out.
  12. Jetscode1


    I like the tackle group. Fant, resign Moses, and make Becton earn a position. It improves the competition at both spots. Linderbaum pushes McGovern to compete at the guard positions or we let him go. Linderbaum is a foundational piece. Hutchinson or Thibs make an immediate impact at ER. If JD play this right, we get two more foundational pieces. Let the rebuilding phase commence.
  13. Jetscode1


    Can't recall a center going top 10. I'd love him in G&W. Prefer a trade back but truth be told, with two picks in round one, I'd take him and not look back. Gonna be a tough decision for JD. Right now my short list for the second first rounder: Linderbaum Nakobe Dean Jameson Williams
  14. Wilson played well, the last play notwithstanding. We need a top ER and then move to a WR, TE, OL and more RBs in no particular order.
  15. Fun game to watch. Makes me think the tankathon is in full force. https://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  16. JD needs an extension. Best way to earn that is have another draft like 2021. The excitement is real, especially if he can stack another great draft class.
  17. The roster was a dumpster fire with many bloated contracts that forced a more deliberate and draft oriented approach. I thought JD did a decent job trying to fill holes this past season. The OL looks vastly improved and he added skill positions to a team that had zero playmakers. Lol, Frank Gore. At TE, he was hoping for more from Griffen and added Kroft and Yeboah. Could he have done better? Yes, I would have loved Hunter Henry in G&W but not sure we could have paid enough to get him to choose New York over New England and JD just plays the value game with contracts. I'd argue he did address the position, just that the outcomes were not as hoped. At LB, he tried/hoped Davis would turn into some value after miscast in Detroit's 3-4 system. More hope than reality. He also took a couple of fliers on two converted safeties. Neither made a strong, positive impression and obviously more needs done for this position group. I throw him some props for bringing in Quincy Williams who at least brings energy and passion to the position. PK? lol. Overall, he had a decent year acquiring talent. The next draft/offseason should tell us a lot about JD and his ability to build a competitive roster.
  18. The Vikings cut this guy to keep Chris Herndon? lol
  19. RIP John Madden. You will be missed.
  20. At least one ex-scout is down on Olave. DEC 21, 2021 Ex-Jets Scout Warns New York Not to Draft Chris Olave This former scout says the New York Jets should not draft Ohio State receiver Chris Olave because he will be a bust and make quarterback Zach Wilson worse. DANIEL KELLY For quarterback Zach Wilson to have a chance to succeed, the Jets must surround him with as much offensive firepower as possible. Does that mean the Jets will select wide receiver Chris Olave out of Ohio State? With receivers Jamison Crowder, Keelan Cole and Braxton Berrios all scheduled to become unrestricted free agents, there are a lot of question marks surrounding the position. Big ticket free agent WR Corey Davis has also not lived up to his billing. These circumstances will undoubtedly force team management to either re-sign their own, look towards free agency or the draft. Olave is one of those big-name, big-reputation draft prospects who is floating around on various draft rounds as a viable first-round NFL talent. Olave does come with a polished football resume that includes two-time First Team All-Big Ten (2020, 2021), Third-Team All-Big Ten (2019), and being a Fred Biletnikoff Award Semifinalist in 2021. He also has been a consistent producer at Ohio State posting 45-plus catches the last three seasons, and putting up a per-catch-average between 14-17 yards during that time span. This season Olave had 65 receptions for 936 yards (14.4 avg.) and 13 TD. In the process he also eclipsed WR David Boston’s record for the most touchdown receptions in school history. All of that and I still could not warm up to him. Olave will be a bust in the NFL. #2 Chris Olave 6-foot-1, 189 pounds 40-yard-dash-time: 4.38 Games reviewed 2021: University of Minnesota, Oregon, Penn State, Michigan State and Purdue Grade: Fifth-Round (league grade) Note: Pay attention to how many reps he puts up @ 225 pounds Scouting Report: Receiver who does not play as fast as his (40) time, who can get re-routed easily and gives below average overall effort. Accelerates quickly, has elite acceleration, but showed he can get hung-up with defensive backs or moved off his course way too easily, which causes some errant looking passes (see Minnesota and Oregon crossing patterns). Struggles to create separation on intermediate level routes. Tends to take it easy running routes if the ball is not going to him, which is a tell to opposing defenses. Did not even look like he was going all-out and kind of taking it easy when they did throw the ball to him. Mediocre looking on all the short to intermediate stuff. Nothing special at all in terms of YAC (yards after the catch) on receiver screens or intermediate routes. Less than impressive route running. Route running looked sloppy. Looked average at break-points. Average COD (change of direction). Routes did not look disciplined or crisp. Above average hands, but not good or great (65 catches on 103 targets). Sometimes double clutches the ball, can look too robotic and loses field awareness. If it is not easy or a big money play, tends not to want to go get it or be able to adjust well enough to the ball. Tends not to go out of his way for passes. It needs to be on target. Can get deep and turn it on for Sports Center big plays that showcase his God-given natural ability and then put it back on cruise control the rest of the game. Will stick his nose in there on run blocks but average sustain. Classic big name who has everything except the desire for the game and the playing strength. If the Jets used a high-round draft choice on Olave, it will be a big mistake, especially with Wilson pulling the trigger. Wilson is erratic enough as it is with his ball placement. Wilson desperately needs receivers who can A) take short passes (screens) and turn them into longer gains and he needs competitors who have excellent ability to adjust, when the ball is in the air. Olave is choice C. None of the above. https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/former-new-york-jets-scout-says-ohio-state-receiver-chris-olave-will-be-bust
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