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  1. You created a narrative (spewed some crap to use your words) that was a complete waste of town's time. Verbal paid little heed to your tally and now you're trying to justify it. Reeks of scum self-justification.
  2. You can read? You're just lazy. Go back and verify if you want. Whatever advice I had, Verbal was going to do Verbal. The poll was silly and you using it now only adds fuel to my thoughts. VOTE Crusher
  3. Our guy Jamal will top that soon. Yeah baby!
  4. FTR...I'm typically a low-volume poster and I don't respond to polls and the such that really has zero impact on game. Until Verbal shot, and notice how he didn't exactly follow the poll, many were all just posting in Smash's fantasy.
  5. You're the guy killing townies doofus. I just don't reply to dumb ass polls from suspects trying to control the narrative.
  6. Maybe post another poll to gauge the interest of who you should role Cop.
  7. We've seen it here both ways. No idea if 80 put one in the game but its NAI.
  8. JN draft thread polling would have earned a higher grade. In fact, I'd suggest we start a draft thread where we draft as the 33rd team and rate it three years later and I'd suggest our poll (even picking at the tail end of each round) would produce better choices than many teams. Macc was so damn awful.
  9. Yes, anyone can claim a role. The repercussions are political (depends on each player's biases) and often leads to comments like "lynch all liars". Not saying it always leads to an auto lynch it really depends on the claim. Obviously lying about a cop or doc role will get you lynched sooner than later.
  10. I'd prefer to just lynch Verbal to see if he's telling the truth...ugh...most of you won't agree. Unvote, Vote JiF
  11. This guy fails to see the value of the Magic 8-ball. I can vote Spoot-Face now as well.
  12. Are you suggesting Brick is scum? Me no like you chasing low-hanging fruit.
  13. With the magic 8-ball motherfukker. I bring the heat. Who you got?

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