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  1. Agree with this commentary as well. I would hate to miss out on another building block at the center position but if JD could fetch a future first round pick with a slight drop in this first round it will be hard to refuse.
  2. Identify where it should be focused at?
  3. I'm starting to come around to letting Moses move and converting Becton to RT. Makes the entire line better, especially if we add Linderbaum.
  4. I've gone back and forth on drafting Linderbaum. Our defense needs a serious infusion of talent and WR and TE are both below average units but I really think he makes the entire line better by forcing McGovern to RG.
  5. Obviously you wanted a little attention. I'm happy to oblige in your education. My gut says JD lasts longer in the NFL than your negativity and handle on JN.
  6. My hope is you never hear those words. Expecting the Jets to parent you is a bit much.
  7. Your opinion means more to you than most reading this thread.
  8. This. I really would appreciate JD finding a trade partner that nets us a future #1.
  9. I was listening to the bowl game against App State during a drive from CStat. The announcers were absolutely gushing over his play. Small for NFL at 5'9 and we have too many WRs in that category but I'm rooting for him to succeed in the NFL.
  10. I'm baffled as to why h8ters even exist for a franchise that hasn't made the playoffs in 11 years. Is it FOMO?
  11. Every team needs a "Braxton Berrios". That dude plays above his weight class.
  12. Has any WR ever blossomed into a star in year three after not catching a TD in his first two years?
  13. The h8ters do not want to acknowledge the strong draft of 2021 but I appreciate you digging this up.
  14. Some excellent commentary in this thread. FTR, I am not a STH nor ever was. Moved away from the tri-state area many decades ago. Still follow loyally on the Sunday ticket and have gone to a couple of road games. Obviously, I haven't invested as much cash or watched in person as much as others. As far as the patience question, all of us who continue to cheer for this team are a little jaded. I just do not see another way forward than taking the long road and building through the draft. The last decade we've seen player after player take the Jets money and then sh*t the bed. We've seen agents play us for more money when the player had no desire to play for us. IMO, we have no other way forward other than the slow, steady incremental improvement through the draft. JD has penny pinched, avoided albatross contracts and built up a cache of draft picks. Personally, I never thought he could parlay JA for two draft picks never mind two #1 picks. I'd like to enjoy the process to see how he builds this team. I understand the critical nature of some fans. I'm OK with it. There is plenty to be critical about. I just think this pairing of JD and RS deserve more than a year or two before we start flying planes around with Joe must go flags. The GM is relatively new at his position, as many have pointed out, we see coaches as first-time HC, coordinators and a rookie QB. Not exactly how I would have played it but it what it is. At least they are trying bold instead of playing safe. Just my two cents.
  15. The regime is committed to building through the draft. I doubt he would consider trading for Watson or Wilson. The comparable to Macc is an awful take. That dude added little of value to the team. JD has a lackluster draft (2020) and a solid draft (2021). He also has accumulated more draft capital than anything we've seen around here in 20 years. We need to see what 2022 brings us before we can say we're doomed.
  16. No. Openly rooting for losses to improve draft position is what Jets fans have done for years.
  17. JD needs to stack draft classes. He does that, we win. He does not, we struggle.
  18. I thought Woody was trying to change with JD. Do you have or do you know anyone with a few billion who could purchase the team from Woody?
  19. Devin Lloyd or Nakobe Dean would look good in green and white.
  20. JD is the best Jets GM in over a decade. The dude has earned an extension. Ten year minimum. Saleh needs another year or two to turn it around. I'm confident the bastardized way the Johnson were able to corral these two to work for the Jets will pay huge dividends.
  21. Many are very tired of losing and just want to hire and fire, rinse and repeat because their frustrated. If the years of Macc taught us anything, we cannot overpay B-list (some would say C-list) performers and expect a competitive team. The complete rebuild was overdue and really the only way to go. JD and Saleh get another draft to build their foundation and we see what develops. Hopefully, they are up for the challenge. I'm excited to see this plan play out.
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