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  1. You appear to think Idzik had better drafts than JD. Oh, the memories. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1622765-how-john-idzik-transformed-the-new-york-jets-in-just-one-draft https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/12/idzik-12-where-are-they-now-jets-2014-draft-picks-quincy-enunwa/
  2. Agree with this. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect they are trying to lose while appearing to try.
  3. QFT. The Jets have finally reached the stage where even money will not persuade any top player to come here. If they do, their motives are suspect. We need to draft out of the hole we're in. No other way until we build a roster that appears ready to win.
  4. Yes, and yes. We need one of top ER to fall to us. I'd prefer Hutch but I'd take either with our first #1. God forbid we get a WR over 6'0. London or Pickens need a strong look. We also need improvement at the TE position. The two we have our backups at best.
  5. Like the OP stated, the first half was fun to watch the second half sucked donkey balls.
  6. Love me some Jets fans who love talking about the Super Bowl.
  7. This is a good take. Sorta, kinda sounds like my golfing "buddies" from a decade or two ago. Always putting ideas into your head as your playing to throw off your game. Made me self-conscious about my swing. I would actually prefer the CS not brief the press on the specifics.
  8. Really wish the NFL would make a bold move an announce the Jets were awarded international marketing rights to Taiwan.
  9. Joe D is the best GM we've had in over a decade. I'd extend him pronto.
  10. The offense is the best since 2015, but it is far cry from even an average unit. We need a major upgrades at TE, a center or RG, plus a WR besides Moore who can actually make plays on a consistent basis. Oh, by the way, we have a QB who has provided more questions than answers at this stage of his rookie year. The defense is a dumpster fire with needs at three levels. I'm still a half full kind of crazy with this team/regime but we still have several serious needs. I'm still hopeful fwiw but JD needs to maximize his draft capital and I've yet to see that from a Jets GM in a long time.
  11. I'm coming around to this idea. Just draft best available offensive talent in the next draft. Make the others score 50 on us each game. lol
  12. George Kittle had a good game today.
  13. I wonder why Woody doesn't get enough love?
  14. Is it just me or do the Jets have the shortest group of WRs on average in the league? Just when I think I want to use the first four picks on defense I realize how god-awful the players are on both sides of the ball.
  15. Good post here. What started as interest in identifying good prospects has become an information warfare game of who wants whom. Many of the top sites reward/praise those who accurately predicted who to where. If they really wanted to measure Kiper, or any GM, an owner or any of us, would take their big board and evaluate after three, five and ten years. Who consistently had the players ranked as starters, all-pros, potential HOF. I acknowledge there is a strong correlation with the coaching situation and team culture that plays a role in this as well.
  16. I love Linderbaum as much as the next guy but we have a seriously lack of defensive playmakers. My wish list includes Hutchinson and Leal. If the Seattle pick and the board flows a certain way I can make room for Linderbaum or Green from A&M but really we need defense. No, I do not mean Stingley.
  17. That defense was not under Saleh. Different system. Different result. Players may or may not be completely buying in.
  18. Great questions. Wish I knew. I do not watch the All-22 or understand how they are taught their assignments. I would suggest that we are watching the ups and downs from so many rookies and inexperienced players in his system. Kind of a double-edged sword. You get to mold them into your system but the day-to-day operations are just sloppy until they buy into the system. Heard Rex Ryan on the way to work today and he stated one of Saleh's problem is he did not bring enough of "his guys" to the Jets to implement his defense. Rex bragged about bringing his guys to the Jets, even overpaying Bart Scott, adding Jim Leonhard and Marquis Douglas to set the foundation of how his defense works. He stated how "his guys" would defend his madness as his defense works once they learn the system. He eventually compared Saleh to his own time in Buffalo where he did not bring in "his guys" and ultimately did not have similar success with his defense as he had with the Jets.
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