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  1. Wow! A game. Should really vote Crusher but think I'll wait. Thank you Leelou!
  2. I'm on the see food diet. I enjoy it.
  3. Vote Smash. Defense of the scum Manish noted.
  4. I'll play if 80 plays. Please give me a gun.
  5. Is Bob this Manish guy many are suggesting? Who is Bob and Manish on JN? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. NFL has it rigged. Always did and it’s obvious they wanted to fresh takes.
  7. I thought Darnold looked better as a game manager as the year progressed...maybe it was Gase maybe it was because the LT and C positions improved ever so slightly. Either way it looked like a point of emphasis.
  8. Maybe Gase taught him this + he's finally healthy + he's has a good coach who also emphasizes these things + the Titans have been a decent not great team the past several years and Tannehill was the missing piece that makes the Titans work. At the very least he's better than Mariota. Actually looks like a good game manager ala the early years of Brady.
  9. I'd piss on a spark plug for a game.
  10. I'm all in on using each draft pick on the offensive side of the ball because the Jets offense was quite offensive. They need every pick to help Darnold.
  11. https://www.thehuddlereport.com/
  12. Actually, these are the two teams on rooting for...lol...Go Titans!
  13. The living embodiment of the Peter Principle.
  14. Make a good prop bet. I'll take the under but I'm hoping for more.
  15. @Pac Feel free to defend this douchebag at your earliest convenience.
  16. FWIW I just read Stypulkoski's column here link. He mentioned Kyle Phillips who he wanted to include in his draft rating. Sad that the undrafted Kyle Phillips will most likely be the best contributor to the Jets roster from Macc's last draft. Combine this with Robby Anderson who was the second best player "undrafted" from his 2016 draft (I'd take Jordan Jenkins over him) tell us us a lot about Macc draft acumen. Charlie Casserly sucks donkey balls!
  17. Not the worst? Ugh...dude never got how to build a roster. In fact, the dude looks like the kid in high school who only wanted to pass a class with a 70. Just enough not to fail, or in our case, just enough not to get fired. Eventually, time exposed him as a guy who had zero clue how to build a complementary roster. Finally lucks into a possible franchise QB and has no idea how to surround him with talent in which to grow. All his picks require the rosiest of glasses with the hope of hitting a home run. How many of the picks do you expect will sign a second contract with the Jets? Austin, maybe he can develop. Same with Edoga. Pure dumpster fire material. FTR...I'm actually holding out hope QW can "mature" but truth be known, its more hope than logic.

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