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  1. This one I actually believe can happen. Normally I think he’s stoned.
  2. Depends on why they did it. There’s never a reason to kick your pregnant girl in the stomach or break a child’s arm.
  3. There’s different levels of bad. Breaking your child’s arm and kicking your pregnant girl is a hell of a lot worse then killing some guy IMO
  4. It’s not even ****ing close. Hunt pushed and barely kicked some chick that was spitting and swearing at them. Incognito? Seriously? I don’t remember him kicking a pregnant woman or beating a child and breaking his arm.
  5. But he innocent and didn’t do anything to get fined.
  6. Over 550 post about the Browns and Giants, we need more Jet news.
  7. If the Jets ever make it to the Super Bowl I’m gonna go blind.
  8. If she’s ok with getting her ass kicked that’s on her but she should be protecting her children. She had a way out of it and a way to be protected and she didn’t take it.
  9. I just read more about it. The wife/mom refused to cooperate with NFL investigators so she’s obviously more worried about her meal ticket then she has the safety of her own children.
  10. It doesn’t say he’s not getting discipline ever. Slightly misleading thread.

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