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    At least there’s a new QB coach sort of.
  2. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    Was Ryan Leaf not available?
  3. Head Coaching Candidates

    I think Bowels will last one more season before he’s canned. They have to give him this years draft so he can get a QB in the first round that the next coach can cut ties with because he didn’t draft him.
  4. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    He hasn’t sniffed a receiver either.
  5. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    At least this will stop the start Petty threads. He’s ******* awful.
  6. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    How does one franchise pick so many sh*tty QBs?
  7. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    This should be an epic battle lol
  8. OUR QB - AFC offensive player of the week

    I’d keep him as a backup.
  9. OUR QB - AFC offensive player of the week

    Hopefully they draft a QB next year that can sit behind him for one season and learn.
  10. Geno Smith starting QB for NY Giants

    When do the sign Eli threads start?
  11. Jets Climbing NFL Draft Board

    Top 5 or bust.
  12. Why? They all suck.
  13. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    Useless ******* ****
  14. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    The D needs to stop the run or it’s going to be a long day.