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  1. Jets Sign Pryor

    Did we sign him to play RB?
  2. 35 days until it finally happens!

    Oh you’re talking about the draft. I thought you were finally getting laid.
  3. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    You’re not allowed to post anymore.
  4. It’s easy to like someone when they’re doing well and everyone loves him. Wait till he’s getting destroyed by the fans (social media), the NY media and players for having bad games. I don’t think he’ll deal with it well.
  5. Mayflower reminds me of the rich white kid from the suburbs that went to the best football camps and was surrounded by good teams so he always had an advantage. In the nfl this isn’t any advantage unless you’re the Patriots and cheat.
  6. One of the four QBs would of been there at six so they shouldn’t of traded up if they liked all four.
  7. They might actually be getting this right for once. They’ll have (guessing the draft a QB at 3) a lower jag starter in McClown, a potential franchise QB in London Bridges and a possible HOF at 3. Obviously this is the best case scenario but it gives the team options. They know McClown can show up on Sunday so there’s at least a starter, London bridges might be back in pro bowl form so he could be the future QB if the rookie doesn’t pan out.
  8. FFS the draft can’t get here fast enough.
  9. Mayflower or Allen It’s likely Mayflower won’t be able to handle losing and the NY media and Allen is a risk all around but with a higher ceiling.
  10. Anyone Else Feeling Schitzo ??

    Then 3/4 of the fans can just be angry. As usual
  11. Breer's Mock Draft

    Extremely unlikely but it would workout great for the Jets. The Bills loose a sh*t loud of snot important picks and we get Rosen.