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  1. I’m not worried about winning a couple of extra games, maybe making the playoffs and getting knocked out in the first or second round. I’m worried about building a franchise that will consistently go deep into the playoffs and possibly win a Super Bowl. I don’t see how an older RB with an attitude and huge price tag will help.
  2. It’s dumb as **** so I’m sure they will. Let’s spend half the money on a older RB that acts like a baby when there’s no oline, passrusher or coach. How much did McCoy help buffalo.
  3. New York Mick

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Rex for GM lol
  4. New York Mick

    Bills to start Barkley over Peterman

    Is McCoy starting
  5. He’s a vet with more experience, reads the defense better and will call audibles.
  6. Hopefully a win because I bet on the Jets and took them in the survival pool.
  7. New York Mick

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    It never started.
  8. New York Mick

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    And we can’t blame Max for retarded post
  9. New York Mick

    Jets 8 Point Favorites over Bills

    Taking the under and Jets
  10. Hopefully he doesn’t nut in his eye.
  11. New York Mick

    go Packers

    The Pats cheat
  12. New York Mick

    It won't matter.

    The ******* team regressed. He has no time or help.

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