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  1. Oh yay. Can they draft players that are good instead of gym rats, really fast, huge etc.
  2. Did you live under a nuclear power plant? You look like an old potato
  3. I thought it was only one year. Maybe he’s going back to Buffalo.
  4. I personally like Toyota Tacomas for small trucks but the F250 diesel is good.
  5. Apparently Fitz is a Bills fan and was sitting in the stands with the fans.
  6. With all that said in hindsight I wouldn’t of drafted either one of them. I wouldn’t taking either DK Metcalf or AJ Brown. I’d definitely take Allen over Q.
  7. I said Allen would be a 10 sack a year guy. Good but not great or legendary next level Lawrence Taylor like some of you were putting him. I also said he was good in coverage but not when ran at. My biggest point was and still is OT is more important then ED. Agreed JW is an average OT but still more important then an average ED.
  8. Hopefully before my daughter graduates college she’s currently four years old
  9. You were saying? How many wins do the Jags have after drafting the next Lawrence Taylor?
  10. I never said he wasn’t good. I said he wasn’t as good as some posters made him out to be and he wasn’t going to help his team as much as drafting an OT that will help his QB. So far I’m pretty much on point.
  11. Johan Williams is still playing LT and his team is in the next round of the playoffs. The Jags are drafting #1 again. I guess OL is more important the ED.
  12. Anything that makes the Dolphins are Pats lose is a good thing.
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