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  1. That’s on the coaches
  2. If they sign Bell Winston would probably stay. The current RBs are ******* awful.
  3. Tampa should be on the phone with the Steelers.
  4. The oline sucks. One injury and it’s bottom five.
  5. Two first round picks to protect Darnold or give him weapons is more lethal.
  6. Why? We’re fine at RB. Get some ******* protection and better receivers.
  7. New York Mick

    Khalil Mack

    Still would of been stupid for the Jets to take him. A balanced good team wins Super Bowls and obviously cheating helps.
  8. New York Mick

    College Football Gameday Thread

    A little late but damn ND looked good. Book is the best QB I’ve seen there in a long time.
  9. New York Mick

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    I’m not worried about Sam, I’m worried about coaching, drafting, free agency pick ups and the horrific offense.
  10. New York Mick

    This Game Broke Me

    Bukaki China Doll.
  11. New York Mick

    The good news is...we play JAX next week

    Unfortunately it’s mostly defensive players at the top of the draft this year. Obviously things will change but at the moment it’s not looking good to be at the top of the draft for the Jets.
  12. New York Mick

    Darnold is Going to Have Bad Games

    I’m not worried about Ginger Snaps having bad games I’m worried about him dying before he reaches puberty. This coaching staff and oline might get him killed.
  13. New York Mick

    This Game Broke Me

    Expensive and real like??
  14. New York Mick

    This Game Broke Me

    Seriously two pages and no one posted this song.
  15. Sam Darnold. Why would I want to ruin another quarterback’s career with this sh*tty coaching, offensive line and receiving corps.

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