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    Us winning the SB, Oh wait that happened before I was born.
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  1. I wouldn’t mind if they take a WR with their first pick and a CB with their second. I’d prefer if they traded down a little bit to do it though.
  2. And why would he want to come here. He’s on borrowed time.
  3. You dreamed you didn’t have a penis?
  4. Did you think he was going to say they’re a bunch of unorganized morons that have no business owning an NFL team?
  5. I’ve always argued that Montana was the GOAT. It’s impossible to say that now. I can still say he’s the best Super Bowl QB of all time at least. Fcking Brady
  6. I couldn’t care less who wins the Super Bowl. I’m just going to the bar for the party and gambling
  7. Rogers being 1-4 in championship games shows you need a balanced team not just a QB.
  8. Way to implode and lose the game GB. Fckaske. I have to watch this spoiled pompous dbag in another SB

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