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    Titty Bar Manager

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    Us winning the SB, Oh wait that happened before I was born.
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    Missed FG
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  1. At least you and max picked up on the joke lol
  2. I forgot about old sackdance. We used to go back and forth constantly.
  3. I can see if Father Phil Mc’Cracken is still alive to give you lessons.
  4. Chewing is overrated. I was an altar boy until I was 13. I can swallow a link of Kielbasa without chewing.
  5. Someone forgot to tell the advertisers that there’s no politics, religion or social crap allowed here. Every ad I see is either a dead mouse or political.
  6. I completely agree but it’s been broken and it has a lot more to do with then just bad cops. Unfortunately it is being ignored.
  7. So is ignoring it when it happens to certain people because it doesn’t fit an agenda. It’s wrong on both sides.
  8. Do a few hours a research instead of just listening to the news. There’s hundreds of cases over the years. There’s bad people in every aspect of life and in every job. The media and celebrities only show one side because it fits an agenda.
  9. He’d have a sore hand if he lived in Fort Lauderdale
  10. Yes because it’s not a political message board and we were asked to not do it.
  11. So you’re trying to get this one locked as well?

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