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  1. Were all the charges dropped or just the gun charges or is it still open? He’s a professional football player and doesn’t need a gun to inflict harm so he could still be charged with a lesser crime??
  2. They built both trenches, I would be fine with that approach
  3. At least it’s not Zach, he wouldn’t be able to hit anybody.
  4. I could live with this draft at this point.
  5. Great players but not the GOAT and cheated numerous times. On top of being a douche bag
  6. His cheating losing ass can go fck himself. Montana was the best Super Bowl QB by far.
  7. Why not move it to PA? It would be cheaper since it doesn’t matter which state it’s in.
  8. Offense QB - Hooker, Tenn RB - Robinson, Texan WR - Johnston, TCU TE - Mayer, MD OT - Johnson, OSU OG - Paterson, ND OC - Schmitz, Minn
  9. Rodgers has won a SB but probably not Jackson can’t win in the playoffs with a good defense and plenty of offensive talent and is an injury risk so definitely no. Carr has only one playoff game which is a loss so no again.
  10. Why is everyone writing off or not mentioning Jimmy G? It’s all Rodgers and Carr.
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