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  1. Good for him hope he signs with the Dolphins and destroys their franchise for the next ten years.
  2. Sweet. It only took 15 years but the Jets might finally get him. I wanted them to draft him instead of Gholston dumbasss
  3. Wonderful. If he could actually stay on the field it would be helpful.
  4. If they all suck it doesn’t benefit the team much.
  5. What exactly has he done? That makes him so wonderful? Most of his games have been abysmal.
  6. That still doesn’t make it any good
  7. He never gets any catches so it’s meaningless
  8. Neither did anyone else until the Jets signed. He’s a nobody in terms of the NFL. Oh wait he had a good 40 so he’s going to all of a sudden become a superstar without Mahomes.
  9. He sucked last year. He averaged less than 12 yards a reception and had 4 TDs. Speed is useless if you can get open.
  10. Outside of his rookie year his speed has been useless. His average per catch is awful in most games. And what the point was is the 40 is useless. One of the best WR in years had a terrible 40 time and 90% of the WRs with great 40 times suck. So yes that is the point.
  11. That pretty much shows how useless 40 times are
  12. Fort Lauderdale and I can tell you where everything thing is.
  13. I’ve met Irving quite a few times in stripclubs and he’s no angel so I pretty much believe what she said. I’m sure what she said he said is true but what she said happened doesn’t seem to be true.
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