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  1. He’s dressed like my granny’s table lamp. It has nothing to do with race or being a homo. It’s about his weird ass style and personality that he didn’t have a few years ago.
  2. Nothing to do with this but it’s funny as hell
  3. He’s too inconsistent for Jet fans. He’s a pro bowler and top QB but he has bad games so some fans would destroy him and want him traded.
  4. Listen to him speak. Sometimes he sounds like he’s lost. They need to cat scan his brain and see if something isn’t stirring the Kool-Aid. He play QB like a FB so it wouldn’t shock me if his brain was half mashed potatoes and it would explain his weird ass behavior. He was normal the first few years. If that’s not the case then maybe they cloned Dennis Rodman and Whoopi Goldberg together.
  5. This is the least excited I’ve ever been about football. The rule changes, virus and social stuff is going to make it much less watchable. If the NFL and sports in general stopped all together it really wouldn’t effect my life outside of Sunday parties and meeting up at the bar for premier league/rugby/international soccer matches.
  6. His lawyer will have it settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and he’ll be back in the league after a suspension
  7. He’s a FB not a RB. He looks like he’s running with work boot on through the mud.
  8. Mahomes hasn’t reach Favre yet. He needs more seasons under his belt and if Darnold’s ceiling is the same as an all time top ten QB happy ******* days.
  9. Yea there is. Don’t click on their stuff. Same thing goes for the best writers. Stop following them and they’ll go away and if they don’t you won’t care because you’re not following them.
  10. No idea but I like my name better
  11. JetsRightWing .com sounds like a good name.
  12. So much for the NFL wanting to protect players. The guy is one hit anyway from being a mushroom.
  13. Smart signing if it’s for depth and his contract is good.
  14. A few years late. He was a waste of a roster spot.

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