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  1. Geez, don’t you think you should give him a chance with most of the starters back?
  2. The Pats (superstars in general) always get special treatment. As a heavyweight boxer once said “you have to knockout the champion if you want to beat him”. The Pats are beatable. Teams have shown that this year. If the Jets want to win they need to play a mistake free game and not give the refs a chance to change it.
  3. It was one game and he didn’t call a great game. Darnold played a great game and so did a lot of other players but Gase’s playcalling wasn’t amazing
  4. I definitely use different jerk material then you.
  5. He could have a small cut in it and he would bleed internally and die in his sleep.
  6. Zero chance they let him walk for a 3rd rounder.
  7. I’m just impressed you figured out how to quote that many different post at once.
  8. Something about the Yankees, then something about the Giants, then something about Rex Ryan’s opinion and finally a few pages later Jets upset injury depleted cowboys.
  9. That’s the difference between the QB and every other position Albert.
  10. I just finished watching the game. A lot of good players. Game balls Sam and Adams Crowder, Anderson, Fricken, Griffin, Thomas and the D stepped up their game
  11. Put Harrison in as a FB and give it to Bell. Stop being cute.
  12. It’s time to see what the Jets coaching staff is about. No more excuses or any other bullshit.
  13. They should be giving him the ball more and not depending on dickhead so much.
  14. If that was Burfict he’d be suspended for the year. Davis didn’t even get kicked out of the game.
  15. I have Washington’s defense so that’s not what I want to see.
  16. He’s getting fined for that hit. Even though it was a good hit.

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