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  1. I was driving back from Tennessee so I didn’t watch the game but what the fck lol. 2/3 and they win lol
  2. I actually like the idea of 4 playing 5 for the last spot instead of adding more teams and yes ND needs to get into a damn conference already.
  3. They’re so good they don’t need to play anyone this week to make it.
  4. As often as you masturbate you’d think it would be better.
  5. That’s the first thing I thought. Maybe he stole it from Cam Newton.
  6. AVT, Moore and Carter. Two of them will be gone after their third year.
  7. ED, CB, FS & K I’d be fine with them taking Hamilton with the second pick. If the best ED, CB, TE, WR and OL were already gone.
  8. What’s the point of trying to make every player that left or didn’t want to come to the Jets look worse then they really are?
  9. He’d still be a top 3 QB in NY Jets history. Let that sink in.
  10. Apparently the Jet fans that are still butt hurt he picked Minnesota over the Jets so they try to make him look bad any chance they get. Since going to Minnesota he has 114 TDs, 35 INTs, is rated over 100 with a positive win to loss ratio. As usual some Jet fans try to make themselves feel better about how bad the team is by trying to make players that left or didn’t come here look worse then they actually are. If Cousins was here he’d be the 2nd or 3rd best QB in Jets history.
  11. Glad I didn’t watch the game after reading how Wilson did.
  12. Too bad the Jets haven’t had a QB as good as him in over 50 years.
  13. This isn’t the best year for top ten QBs. It’s heavy with defense and oline.
  14. Irish time. Screw Alabama and nice game by Michigan today. Hutch definitely helped his draft stock today. So did Haskins.
  15. 2: R1 P2 EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux - Oregon 7: R1 P7 OT Evan Neal - Alabama 34: R2 P2 C Tyler Linderbaum - Iowa 46: R2 P14 CB Josh Jobe - Alabama 66: R3 P2 S Brandon Joseph - Northwestern 116: R4 P14 LB Owen Pappoe - Auburn 121: R4 P19 TE Jake Ferguson - Wisconsin 144: R5 P2 CB Cordale Flott - LSU 160: R5 P18 G Cole Schneider - Central Florida I did 2 drafts and got LB in the 2nd round
  16. If they take a CB or ED with the first pick I have no issue with them taking LB with the second pick especially if the top rated OTs are gone. I’d rather then get the best IOL in the draft then a lower rated OT, CB or ED.
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