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  1. His cheating losing ass can go fck himself. Montana was the best Super Bowl QB by far.
  2. Why not move it to PA? It would be cheaper since it doesn’t matter which state it’s in.
  3. Offense QB - Hooker, Tenn RB - Robinson, Texan WR - Johnston, TCU TE - Mayer, MD OT - Johnson, OSU OG - Paterson, ND OC - Schmitz, Minn
  4. Rodgers has won a SB but probably not Jackson can’t win in the playoffs with a good defense and plenty of offensive talent and is an injury risk so definitely no. Carr has only one playoff game which is a loss so no again.
  5. Why is everyone writing off or not mentioning Jimmy G? It’s all Rodgers and Carr.
  6. They do suck. There’s much better places to get subs if you know where to go. People who like Publix subs are either too lazy to find a proper deli or live in rural Florida.
  7. Why not? Vet minimum and he’s a good ST player and a back up
  8. FFS no more players with injury history
  9. If he wants to be the spokesman for preparation H
  10. A QB taking advice from Leaf is about as smart as a chef taking cooking advice from Jeffrey Dahmer.
  11. The team already has cap trouble so they’re going to trade for the most expensive player who can’t win playoff games and is now getting injured. That should workout great.
  12. Yesterday they missed a lot of stuff lol
  13. Which is the opposite of what I thought was going to happen. Cincy had a makeshift oline that dominated most of the game.
  14. Injury prone fat guy?? Ok I know who the Jets are drafting. I can stop doing mocks.
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