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  1. The Dolphins were and are ******* awful so I really wouldn’t look to them for things the team should do.
  2. There’s a handful of small guys that did well and the NFL has changed so the hits aren’t as bad now. He should be fine.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. Injuries? Stopped using PED? Lost desire? I have no idea but it’s definitely weird.
  4. I trust 8 in Sam but only 2 in the Jet’s history so I picked 5.
  5. Smart signing. A vet who knows his role and at least it adds depth and STs. It’s nice having a good GM.
  6. Unfortunately I can’t watch the air till it airs later on NFLN but I seen the first drive and Ty looked good. How did QW look? I read how Polite looked, like a wasted draft pick.
  7. NFL Network is only showing a few plays here and there. Is he doing ok or bad?
  8. Most professional players are mouthy
  9. Let’s see some improvement from the rookies, good STs play and no injuries. Let’s do this
  10. You’re not missing anything. The teams checkbook is. He’s a solid edge guy that can play OLB and DE but he wants top money.
  11. Unfortunately he’s not worth the money that he’ll want and this team isn’t one player away from being a contender.
  12. No. He’s old as **** in football years and hasn’t played in forever.
  13. He’s famous enough that someone will make him a custom helmet.

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