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  1. We watch the Jets on a regular basis how much worse can it be?
  2. That’s his issue (as with most young QBs) he’ll look great then completely sh*t the bed.
  3. I thought taking any defensive player was stupid. You also weren’t one of the ones telling me I only watched one game and had no idea what I was talking even though I watched a ton of college football and I didn’t, there are a ton of post saying how amazing he was.
  4. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d pull up the few hundred post by a few here saying how Allen was the best player ever coming out of college, the next LT, game changer, a future HOF etc etc
  5. No, they’ll find a way to win a few meaningless games at the end of the year, drop to number 3 in the draft, keep Gase and draft another player with an injury history.
  6. That has nothing to do with it. They don’t tackle period. The fundamental tackles don’t even happen.
  7. i’m shocked every offense of record hasn’t been broken with the new rules and terrible tackling. It’s ridiculous
  8. When did tackling get some bad? It’s fking awful.
  9. AJ Brown is a beast and the need to start teaching tackling again.
  10. Dodge a bullet on that one. Glass knees is done for the season.
  11. I’ve never said trade down to 2. I’m thinking more around 5 and getting Wilson. If they can trade to the 2nd spot and get more picks fine. I just don’t trust the organization to do anything right no matter what they choose. 1. Stay at #1 get Lawrence 2. Trade to #2 get more picks take Fields 3. Trade to around 5 get a ton of picks take Wilson I’d be happy with any of these choices but would be waiting for it to fail.

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