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  1. Women do that all the time. I was always telling females to put their shoes back on because the floor of the nightclub had broken glass and drinks all over it. A lot of women don’t wear shoes that are comfortable, they wear ones they think look good.
  2. Exactly QB is the most important position so do everything possible to help him succeed. OL, WRs, TEs and a ground game. I’m not worried about defense until the offense is sorted.
  3. If you could add any current non QB player to the Jets who would you add? Almost every year lately I’ve picked an OL but this year I’d say Tarvis Kelce. He’d be a huge help to Zach and the growth of the team. Zach would have his go to target and security blanket that’s a nightmare to cover. Derrick Henry would be second for the same reasons. He’d take a lot of pressure off Zach running the ball down the defense’s throat and bringing players in tighter.
  4. Damn that sucks, sorry to hear it. She’ll fight through once again.
  5. I put money on Buffalo to win it all at 11/1
  6. I thought there was a set rookie salary cap so this didn’t happen and teams didn’t waste huge contracts on rookies that end up sucking.
  7. The players make plenty of money as well. They’re both greedy
  8. The coach sucking. Zach is going to need time to learn how to play in the NFL so he’s probably not going to be good for a while.
  9. They’ll be picking just low enough to miss out on a franchise changing player/trade. Around 5. The team isn’t going to be good this year. Rookie coaching staff, rookie QB, rookies at important positions, first year oline. It’s going to be a shtshow
  10. Worried. The Jets don’t have the best track record.
  11. Small caliber and bad aim. We use to say that about the Chinese priest at Sunday school.
  12. Or I like Ace Ventura. Whatever fits your agenda or joke. No sure what direction you’re going with the ridiculousness of society.
  13. Wrong place wrong time and he was an innocent bystander?? Something isn’t stirring the Kool-Aid.
  14. Wow. It’s nice to see good contracts and sht
  15. If he fails as a HC he’ll make a great cheerleader
  16. 1. Josh Allen 2. Cam Newton/Tua Tagovailoa 4. Zack Wilson (he hasn’t played a down yet so no one knows)
  17. South Florida would of covered it lol
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