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  1. About the Jets? Nothing, after 45 years of the same rebuilding crap over and over I have no hope or excitement about them. Until they show me they can win and make it to the playoffs on a regular basis it won’t change.
  2. I have three 5th round picks and I’m looking to trade up into the 4th.
  3. 93rd pick Buffalo DB - Elijah Molden, Washington @T0mShane on the cock @IndianaJet on the dick
  4. I believe he was already drafted. Yea, by Philly in the top of the 2nd round
  5. OL first. They can get a receiving RB later on. This is a deep draft for backs.
  6. Nice pick. I had him and Jones on the top of my list. I don’t have a 4th so I’m trying to get capital to get one.
  7. 63rd pick - Buffalo DE - Patrick Jones II Screw the U @IndianaJet otc @NYJetsVets91 od
  8. Still looking to trade down with the 61st pick
  9. Please let me be wrong about this kid if the Jets do actually draft him.
  10. The bills are looking to trade out of the second round into the top of the third round send me offers
  11. All the Zach Wilson post and threads are going to be hilarious when the Jets select Justin fields.
  12. Wtf. I’ll never understand killing children especially your own offspring.
  13. Is he comparable to any white QBs or just black/bi-racial? And Wilson plays nothing like Moon did.
  14. I’m looking to trade the 61st pick for a high 3rd+. Let me know what you got.
  15. I couldn’t work a trade so I just pick my player that I was targeting later.
  16. Buffalo selects IOL - Wyatt Davis, Ohio @Jdub03 OTC @IndianaJet OD
  17. The Buffalo Bills are looking to trade the 30th pick for something in the top of the second round (plus to equal value).
  18. Interesting. It gives the Jets much needed oline for basically one 2nd rounder. I could live with that.
  19. So far all of the picks outside of the Atlanta Falcons makes sense even if I don’t agree with one certain one
  20. This. Please only post selections in the selection thread. All other posts outside of the original ones will be deleted.
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