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  1. It was actually fun watching a game with good coaching and good players
  2. Half of the poor bastards are either going to the Jets or Eagles. Linderbaum and Hamilton
  3. Give him a few years then he can join the ring of failure
  4. If they keep drafting and working on the oline the team should be in the green in 2 to 3 years. Give Wilson the protection, coaching and support he needs and he’ll be fine.
  5. He had a good hit, that’s all I remember. The defense looked like sh*t most of the time.
  6. Good question it’s not like they’ve been to the playoffs
  7. I wouldn’t care. He’s rich and famous, all of them do it. Meyer just got caught on camera. It’s between him and his wife. Is he supposed to sit in a dark corner and cry instead? We always had players and coaches come into the stripclub from both teams after a win or loss and before the game. The same with UFC fighters. Are coaches not allowed to go out and have fun because they’re older? When the players do it no one cares.
  8. Why is this such a big deal? They’re talking about him losing the locker room or him resigning. Did I miss something?
  9. Wait until the team gets some experience. This is pretty much how the season was going to look especially at the start. Anyone who thought they were going to come out winning games was living a pipe dream.
  10. I’m right there with you. 45 years and counting. I just give a sh*t anymore and expect the HC, GM, QB and 1st round pick to suck.
  11. Fermented pea protein for the win. Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph
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