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  1. I hate social media. is this board considered social media?
  2. FA • TE - Quintin Morris, Bowling Green WR - Jonathan Adams Jr, Arkansas State ED - Jordan Smith, UAB CB - Robert Rochell, Cen Ark
  3. The clock ran out on jetlife. The falcon select S - Jamien Sherwood, Auburn @WhartonJet otc @HighPitch otd
  4. It would cost too much to move up so hopefully no one.
  5. For a one or two year signing at vet money he’s worth it. He knows the coaching staff and how to play so it’s worth it.
  6. Hope. That’s all I’m asking for. A glimmer of hope and improvement over the season.
  7. No. I have a ton of tats already and a Jet tat isn’t matching any of them.
  8. The Bills are officially done with the draft 1. OG, Wyatt Davis - OG was one of their biggest needs this off season and Davis is probably the best true OG in the draft. 2. ED, Patrick Jones - pass rush and backfield pressure was the other pressing need. Racking up 18 sacks and 24 TFL over that last two season and an improvement every year, Jones should fill the role nicely. 3. DB, Elijah Molden - The Bills need depth and another DB. Molden can play FS/Slot CB, Nickle/Dime CB, ST. He’ll be on the field somewhere and make a contribution. 4. WR, Tutu Atwell - who couldn’t
  9. @ny Jets vets 91 I can’t seem to be able to tag him. Can someone else try
  10. 196 Buffalo Bills RB - Rhamondre Stevenson, Oklahoma @HighPitch otc @ny Jets vets 91
  11. OL or WR then OL or WR then ED or CB then ED or CB. 1. QB 1. OL/WR 2. OL/WR 3. ED/CB 3. ED/CB 4. RB
  12. I’d be happy with Sack Exchange .5
  13. Pick 161 - Buffalo Bills DT Tedarrell Slaton, Florida @RedBeardedSavage otc @choon328 otd
  14. Nice pick @Jdub03. I was going for him with my next pick. He’d be great on KC.
  15. Rinse and repeat. They’ve been doing this for 50 years. I’d rather them draft Justin Fields.
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