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  1. That can’t be possible. The Jags drafted Josh Allen. Remember? The once in a generation talent, the next LT, the player who would change the game, bring the Jets to the Super Bowl, can’t miss prospect, the best defensive player ever to come out of college, future HOFer, the 20 sack, 10 INTs, 5 TD, 50 TFL, 20 FFs per year average football god. 
    How could the Jags possibly be drafting high enough to talk about tanking? They drafted an edge rusher. Clearly they don’t know what they are talking about. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, Butterfield said:

    You are an idiot.  

    I hope you aren’t a hypocrite and you say the same thing about all professions.

    Since you have a red/blue lined flag, lets put it in terms your tiny brain can identify with...

    If a cop gets shot, you better say “It’s law enforcement,” or if a fireman burns to death, you better say “It’s fire protection.”



    Do you need a hug snowflake?

  3. 1 hour ago, Lith said:

    Pretty sure that anyone can afford him this year.  His cap hit is $7M for the season, but $6 of that is prorated signing bonus already paid by the Saints.  To acquire him, a team would only take on his base salary for the rest of this season, which is a percentage of his $1M base.  You would then have him for 4 more years at about $15M per year, which is a bargain for a guy like Thomas.

    This is assuming that I understand cap/salary implications of a trade, which may or may not be a safe assumption.

    Damn. Yea Greenbay could easily do that. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Never compared him to LT, lol. FFS.

    I merely am arguing he would have been the superior pick to QW.


    I guess you don’t remember saying that J Williams was never going to play OT and shouldn’t be drafted till later round because he’s a OG and I have no idea what I’m taking about because I only watched the bowls games. J Williams is who the Jets should of drafted because their Oline was and still is complete sh*t. 

    Q has been just as good if not better this year and Allen nothing special. He’s pushed out of more the half the plays or gets to the QB after the ball is gone. I thought he was the next LT a once in a lifetime unstoppable defensive force, a can’t miss, a game changing superstar that was going to get the Jets to a SB. 

    I agree Q was a stupid pick because the Jets needed to protect the QB and neither Q or Allen can do that. 

    I was right about Gase and the worthless Red Flag Hobbit, I was right about Allen, I was right about Williams, I was wrong about Metcalf but wanted AJ Brown instead who is still good. 


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