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  1. 6 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    The Jets' biggest need is QB.  Watson is not overpriced.  

    The Jets will get a WR better than Diggs in free agency with Watson here.  

    They can also draft OL and a RB among their remaining picks. 

    EDGE and CB will be harder to find without using first round pick(s), but for now, f**k defense.  You've been opposed to drafting an EDGE, and defense in general, for a while now but all of a sudden you're talking up the Bills defense?  Interesting.

    Solid take, otherwise!

    I have no interest in defense until they sort out the offense 

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  2. I’m not interested in them getting Watson and spending a small fortune to keep him. The team has too many needs to handcuff themselves to an overpriced needed QB.

    It’s too early to tell what we need to do as far as the draft but I want them to stick with Sam if Lawrence isn’t available at 2 and get the best WR, probably Chase. They should be able to trade down a few spots, get a few extra picks and still get Chase or Smith. Some experts have Waddle ahead of Smith but most don’t. They could also add Oline and a RB like Gainwell who is one of the best receivers in the draft at the RB position with the next few picks. 

    Look how much better Allen got with Diggs on the team and a better oline. Diggs and the defense are the reason Buffalo won the last game. 

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