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  1. The Bills are officially done with the draft

    1.  OG, Wyatt Davis - OG was one of their biggest needs this off season and Davis is probably the best true OG in the draft. 

    2. ED, Patrick Jones - pass rush and backfield pressure was the other pressing need. Racking up 18 sacks and 24 TFL over that last two season and an improvement every year, Jones should fill the role nicely. 

    3. DB, Elijah Molden - The Bills need depth and another DB. Molden can play FS/Slot CB, Nickle/Dime CB, ST. He’ll be on the field somewhere and make a contribution. 

    4. WR, Tutu Atwell - who couldn’t  use a world class speed demon on their team. He’s small as hell so he’s not a 3 down players but he doesn’t need to be. Beasley is old as hell so they need to start looking for his replacement but for now adding Atwell on the outside or in the slot will give Allen another target, one he might not be able to overthrow. 

    5. DT, Tedarrell Slaton - Lotulelei sat out last year and only has one year left in his contract, the back ups also suck so there was a need for a big body on the DL. 

    6. RB, Rhamondre Stevenson - they have plenty of RBs on the team but biggest the one is 210lbs and 5 out of the 6 are under 200. At 6’ 250lbs Stevenson is a perfect RB for a few downs a game. He’s a straight up power runner that can block as well.

    Thats that. Now for the real draft. 

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  2. On 4/15/2021 at 5:40 PM, kdels62 said:

    I thought about waiting to take Zach Davidson but I missed out on Tremble because I waited so we weren’t making the same mistake again. Big, fast TE who doesn’t have to set the world on fire immediately. I don’t see a way that a WR sees the field over our top 4 players this year but I can see Davidson working the seam at some point this year.

    I was taking him with my next pick. 

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