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  1. You obviously haven’t been in the middle lounge.
  2. I would be super happy with that draft 8: R1 P8 OT Penei Sewell - Oregon 23: R1 P23 G Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 34: R2 P2 EDGE Gregory Rousseau - Miami 39: R2 P7 CB Tyson Campbell - Georgia 66: R3 P2 WR Terrace Marshall Jr. - LSU 86: R3 P22 RB Kenneth Gainwell - Memphis 107: R4 P2 C Trey Hill - Georgia 147: R5 P2 S Hamsah Nasirildeen - Florida State 155: R5 P10 WR Marlon Williams - Central Florida 185: R5 P40 WR Damonte Coxie - Memphis 188: R6 P2 CB Shakur Brown - Michigan State 249: R7 P23 TE Zach Davidson - Central Missouri
  3. ED - Kerry Hyder WR - Damiere Byrd CB - Rasul Douglas TE - Ant Firkser RB - Mike Davis
  4. They need to keep him even if they do draft a OT high. The team needs depth.
  5. That’s smarter then trading away years of top pick for a player that might not be happy if he’s not allowed to sit in the draft room to advice on who to pick or decide who the new coaching staff will be so he refuses to play after getting a huge contract.
  6. Not sure. People are down on him but jerking off mighty mouse
  7. Keep Sam, trade down, rebuild the team.
  8. If it’s a good contract and they still draft a RB like Gainwell.
  9. FS. She had to learn the whole alphabet before she could spell her name.
  10. Not with what some posters/people think they should give up. 2021 • 2- 1st, 2nd, 2022 • 1st, 2023 • 1st etc plus players. I don’t want them giving up more then one first this year, a second and a second or third the following year. And who knows how Watson is going to be here. Is he not going to be happy with the FO and decide he wants out after a few years? Then the team has no QB and a bunch of wasted picks. Too many eggs in one basket IMO.
  11. It depends on how much they give up. He couldn’t get to the SB in Houston surrounded by talent on both sides of the ball so he’s not doing it here alone.
  12. It’s relevant that I was right and everyone was so sure that I had no idea what I was talking about.
  13. Zach (all the college QBs) hasn’t played a down in the NFL so you no idea if he is or isn’t.
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