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  1. At least Sar will have an excuse for Gase if the team sucks again.
  2. Don’t turn into another MASH unit
  3. Cocktail umbrella docking. That’s a new one.
  4. FFS he was drafted in the 3rd round and has played a snap in the NFL yet. Let’s wait a few weeks before we compare him to HOF players and have him playing multiple positions of defense and offense.
  5. He’s a safety. It’s a meaningless position just behind the punter so it’s doesn’t matter.
  6. Obviously. Dumbest match up in the history of comics
  7. When he starts winning playoff games as the HC I’ll be impressed. Nothing else matters
  8. Good ******* luck getting anything for him. He’s lucky vets are allowed on the practice squad now.
  9. FFS it’s not a retirement home for RBs
  10. What about the Sunday ticket? The redzone and NFL network suck during games when you actually want to watch one game.
  11. He’s a top 10 RB so it makes sense. It takes pressure off of Burrow.
  12. And people still think spreading out wealth is going to fix the poverty issue lol Anyway, I’m guessing he doesn’t have kids or a family.

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