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  1. They’re not winning and haven’t been and we’d be lucky to get a third day pick for 95% of the team so there’s no point of trading them all.
  2. With all the needs on the current team I don’t think they should take a RB in the first 4 rounds.
  3. They definitely can’t but a good LT, C and OG would improve this team greatly including the D. Less time on the field and less short fields. The oline needs more time to play together to get good then the DL/ED so I’d rather them concentrate on it.
  4. Not yet. I have 2 more years before my daughter starts regular school. We’re still trying to decide where. Trying to find a place that has low crime, good schools, bar and construction work that’s affordable is like trying to find Bigfoot.
  5. BP I think you’re missing the Christmas spirit lol First worst Jets memory. Moving to South Florida in 1988
  6. Unless they get 5 starting oline and depth in FA they should go oline with at least 2 of the first 4 picks. Fix the oline and no more excuses for Gase or Darnold. They’re either winners or not and Douglas will know if it’s time to move on or not.
  7. Has a team ever drafted 4 OL in a row?
  8. Unfortunately half the team is trying out to be Elijah Price instead of Superman.
  9. Lmao. I watched him on Diesel Brothers and he funny as ****. Imagine if Adams pulled a stunt like that? Half the board would have pitchforks
  10. Hopefully they’ll have a good home game around thanksgiving or Christmas.
  11. Of course it would of helped if they had Adams but it would of helped more if they had a better oline and could of scored more points. I like Adams he’s a great SS and is fun to watch but in this NFL you need to score points.
  12. A lot of soccer fans but I was going to a english bar not too many hipsters there. I’d also go to the bar downtown that’s downstairs that had burlesque dancers and the real green fairy. Great weed, girls and drink there. Thank God for taxis
  13. I have no issue with Douglas he has had good and bad moves. That’s going to happen with every GM. And yes the owners are D bags
  14. So we basically have Sar as a HC. That explains his obsession with him.
  15. I only lived there a year so it was hard to tell who was a bandwagon fan and who wasn’t. They were good fans though and I’d bump into Jet fans at the bar.
  16. Me too. They loved him and the team in general.
  17. Griffin was a good pick up Lewis blah but he was needed. Douglas also has misses which every GM will. I’m hoping he has a good draft and FA next year. If the Johnson weren’t mentally disabled they would of hired him before Mac pissed away 100 million dollars and drafted another DL.
  18. Not really. Thomas has done his part but he also had misses.

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