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  1. Jackson has made a fool out of everyone in the league that has spied on him. Adams wouldn’t have been any different.
  2. And give up other plays by playing like Steve Atwater which isn’t his fault because the coaches are calling the plays and doing what’s best for the current team. If they had a better passrush Adams wouldn’t have to play OLB. But that doesn’t make him more important then edge and especially not oline. Darnold is the number one priority so you build around him first.
  3. Bowels Ryan Mangini Edwards Parcells Carroll Kotite Walton etc etc
  4. If he shows up. I believe they have to tell him they’re picking up his 5th year option this off season or it’s gone. Not 100% how that works. No I didn’t see a huge drop off with Adams gone.
  5. Should of could of would of but didn’t. They’re going to the playoffs either way so it’s a meaningless game.
  6. Blah. I’ll give him credit when he makes the playoffs on a regular basis and wins. I’m sick of giving HC credit for not winning when it’s not important.
  7. He’s contract is up next year so they either sign him to a big contract or he walks and they get nothing. If they can get a first and a third for him I’d help him pack. I was completely against this until I seen the team without him. It wasn’t like when Mangold went down and you seen a huge difference.
  8. 3 high picks for a SS?? That’s never going to happen. A first and third is probably in the area and his contract is going to be up soon.
  9. It has zero to do with how he acted during trade talks or any other time and 100% to do with what this team needs to do to win in the playoffs. SS < good oline
  10. This thread was suppose to be more about who would be a potential trade partner not wether or not Adams should be traded but I figured it would go that way.
  11. Is it better to trade him and get two picks (should be OL and OL/WR) or keep him one year the let him walk or pay him a lot? I’d rather trade him and get OL.
  12. They should. What’s the point of playing your starters in a meaningless game?
  13. The team is broken. They’re not winning until the oline is fixed and more pieces are added. Should they keep Adams then let him walk next year and get nothing or trade him and get a first plus?

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