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  1. Nice opening drive for Dallas. 9 minutes and a TD
  2. Apparently Eli is going to be starting so that might give them a boosted and the Eagles lost to the Fins so that game isn’t a gimme
  3. Dallas -3 o/u 42.5 Both teams playing for their post-season.
  4. Maybe not from you but there’s posters on here who can’t get over where he was drafted or who was drafted after him because that obviously changes his ability to play.
  5. I have no issue with trading him for a proper amount of picks because it will help the future of the team but some of the criticism is ridiculous as far as his play and/or trade value.
  6. The hate for Adams on this board is ******* ridiculous.
  7. This season was a loss anyway. Get him ready for next season and move forward.
  8. Wait she’s a dude? I thought Kelly was the only one on here.
  9. He’s too cocky to be scared, he believes he can stop him. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s fast enough to stop him but no one else seems to be either.
  10. I’m not angry in the least. I didn’t expect anything. I’m not happy with the regression of the play calling though.
  11. How is a sh*tty team losing to a QB they’ve never beaten a trap?
  12. A sh*tty team playing against a QB that normally kills then. You really knocked that one out of the park.
  13. To bitch more about a team that’s bad and has been bad.
  14. I watched Bell get hit before the LOS a lot. A good oline fixes this is.
  15. Just finished watching the game. That sucked. At least they moved up the draft board so they can get better OL prospects.

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