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  1. But but but he was drafted 6th overall and Watson and Mahomes were drafted after him and he post stuff on social media and enjoys the game
  2. So he’s basically taking credit for the win
  3. At this point the score doesn’t matter, how they look does and they look awful.
  4. Darnold isn’t playing Jackson, the defense is and they looked like sh*t against one of the worst teams in the NFL and gave up a bunch of rushing yards to a slow old pocket QB so I’m sure they’ll do great against a fast young RB playing QB.
  5. Seriously? It’s the ******* dolphins obviously we should be routing for them to win.
  6. No Adams and no Bell, this just keeps getting better and better.
  7. Good point. That one is going to be hard to top. The fact that they used the Raiders second round pick they got in the trade to pick a kicker is icing on the cake.
  8. That would be the dumbest trade in the history of the Jets.
  9. That’s an awful penalty. They need to figure this sh*t out.
  10. Nice opening drive for Dallas. 9 minutes and a TD
  11. Apparently Eli is going to be starting so that might give them a boosted and the Eagles lost to the Fins so that game isn’t a gimme

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