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  1. And calling an inside run on every second down when the first play didn’t work without a FB.
  2. Smith also played behind one of the best olines ever
  3. Scat back? He runs through tackles.
  4. Is it live? I thought only the Sunday ticket was live
  5. The skins are saying it’s treatable and he’s going to coach but he’s going to have to be super careful about the virus.
  6. No chance they’ll trade him for only a second and I don’t want another me first player that’s only worried about money.
  7. I thought this was about the Aryan Brotherhood for a second
  8. That defeats the point. I wouldn’t give up any picks. This team isn’t ready to win and needs more then just a WR.
  9. 4th or 5th on the depth chart. He’s just a body on the team.
  10. Predict the date Jet fans stop griping about the Jamal Adams on social media
  11. He would of been a good signing for the Jets.
  12. He’s dressed like my granny’s table lamp. It has nothing to do with race or being a homo. It’s about his weird ass style and personality that he didn’t have a few years ago.
  13. I agree but half the fans would still hate him
  14. Nothing to do with this but it’s funny as hell

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