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  1. FS. She had to learn the whole alphabet before she could spell her name.
  2. Not with what some posters/people think they should give up. 2021 • 2- 1st, 2nd, 2022 • 1st, 2023 • 1st etc plus players. I don’t want them giving up more then one first this year, a second and a second or third the following year. And who knows how Watson is going to be here. Is he not going to be happy with the FO and decide he wants out after a few years? Then the team has no QB and a bunch of wasted picks. Too many eggs in one basket IMO.
  3. It depends on how much they give up. He couldn’t get to the SB in Houston surrounded by talent on both sides of the ball so he’s not doing it here alone.
  4. It’s relevant that I was right and everyone was so sure that I had no idea what I was talking about.
  5. Zach (all the college QBs) hasn’t played a down in the NFL so you no idea if he is or isn’t.
  6. I thought he wanted to go to a team that had a good chance at making it to the SB??
  7. They shouldn’t give up control. They own the teams not the players.
  8. From the NFL Network. The host suggested the 49ers trading Bosa, Garoppolo and two 1st round picks lmfao
  9. Why wouldn’t they? They have the second pick in a ton of options. Trevor Lawrence isn’t God
  10. They might want to check him for multiple concussions.
  11. Just like my argument that Gase wasn’t a good HC or Dowell was a good OC or Allen wasn’t the best once in a generation defensive player or McFadden was overrated etc etc etc
  12. It’s too dark but I have no issue with the white background.
  13. I can’t find one example of a big trade that brought the team to the super bowl and RBs use to be almost as important as QBs. Just give me one example in the NFL where a team gave up a bunch of picks for a player and made it to the super bowl. I don’t want to just feel good because they final got a top 5/10 QB and can win 8 or 9 games but can’t make it to the super bowl because the team around him sucks. How many Super Bowls did he make it to with good and great WRs, Passrushers, RBs etc? Zero. What makes you think he’ll get the Jets to a Super Bowl with a much worse team.
  14. It definitely means it didn’t work. Everything a team does should be for one reason. Being the next dynasty. Not some knee jerk reaction to make fans happy for 6 months and sell tickets.
  15. Exactly. A team problem. If you give away all your picks you can’t fix the team. The current team sucks and has barley any talent. Giving away a ton of picks for one player that wasn’t happy he’s not allowed to be the assistant GM isn’t going to fix it. It’s a fell good look at who we have pick up that’s going to hurt the team overall.
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