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  1. A blind mouse could of seen how obvious it was that Brady was going to Tampa. This is completely different.
  2. Don’t be a sectarian. Having bad coaching, bad drafts, bad FA etc didn’t help.
  3. That’s not what I asked. When was the last time a big trade work out for the team trading away picks?
  4. Neither, that would cripple the franchise.
  5. Laughs at them for giving up a ton of picks and watches them hang around in the bottom of the division because the rest of the team still sucks and they have no money or picks to fix it. When was the last time a big named player was traded for a bunch of picks and paid a bunch of money that it worked out for the team trading for him?
  6. The title sounds like a weekend at Joe Willies house.
  7. He had one good season during his contract year on a super bowl quality team with great coverage. He’ll be overpaid but hopefully not by the Jets.
  8. There’s probably a better chance of winning the lottery
  9. Maybe going to the NE will be good for him. He obviously couldn’t handle the nightlife in Tennessee
  10. Probably a little bit more then that but after watching the video it’s tough to think it can be fixed.
  11. If they trade to 4 to pick a QB they’re morons
  12. He forces the ball a lot. Better coaching might help it might not.
  13. 072E7D33-4619-40A0-BB28-3BEB84B2E0A3.webp
  14. Does it effect the Jets draft? If not, I don’t care.
  15. 7: R1 P7 WR Ja'Marr Chase - LSU 23: R1 P23 G Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 34: R2 P2 OT Jalen Mayfield - Michigan 41: R2 P9 C Landon Dickerson - Alabama 66: R3 P2 RB Javonte Williams - North Carolina 72: R3 P8 RB Kenneth Gainwell - Memphis 86: R3 P22 S Richard LeCounte - Georgia 88: R3 P24 DL Darius Stills - West Virginia 107: R4 P2 EDGE Patrick Jones II - Pittsburgh 112: R4 P7 WR Blake Proehl - East Carolina 147: R5 P2 WR Jaelon Darden - North Texas 155: R5 P10 CB Aaron Robinson - Central Florida 188: R6 P2 G David Moore - Grambling State 194: R6
  16. Whoever plays better will start at LT. It’s not rocket science
  17. It would make masturbating more fun. Socks for cocks, I should market this.
  18. 2014 New York Jets – The 2010, 2012 and 2013 classes weren’t much better, but the Calvin Pryor/Jace Amaro 1-2 punch gives this group the edge https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/nfl-draft-which-teams-had-the-10-worst-draft-classes-this-century-193503166.html At least the Jets weren’t in the top ten. Not sure how.
  19. At this point I don’t care where he goes. I’m just sick of hearing about it.
  20. None of the RBs on the roster are worth a damn. Adams was great at ND but not in the NFL.
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