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  1. I’m not talking about any of that. I said the Jet fans.
  2. Obviously, he filled in for Tua did anyone here know about Wilson then or most of this year?
  3. I’m sure a lot more have heard or Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Mac Jones.
  4. No. Not in the less. I think it’s a huge mistake. 3/4 of this board never heard of him before he was tied to the Jets. Now he’s the best QB coming out of the draft. Give me a break.
  5. I love how fans try to talk themselves into a player they think the team is going to draft lol.
  6. 25%, there’s only 4 options since we know they’re taking a QB with the first pick.
  7. I hate social media. is this board considered social media?
  8. FA • TE - Quintin Morris, Bowling Green WR - Jonathan Adams Jr, Arkansas State ED - Jordan Smith, UAB CB - Robert Rochell, Cen Ark
  9. The clock ran out on jetlife. The falcon select S - Jamien Sherwood, Auburn @WhartonJet otc @HighPitch otd
  10. It would cost too much to move up so hopefully no one.
  11. For a one or two year signing at vet money he’s worth it. He knows the coaching staff and how to play so it’s worth it.
  12. Hope. That’s all I’m asking for. A glimmer of hope and improvement over the season.
  13. No. I have a ton of tats already and a Jet tat isn’t matching any of them.
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