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  1. The Jets will have a good game against a lesser opponent. Kind of like how DE Josh Allen plays. @JiF
  2. You wouldn’t even build a team around Ed Reed FFS. As I said in the past Adams is Hawkeye in the Avengers. He one of the best at his position but not as important as other members. A really good RB will bring a team to the next level but without an oline or QB he’s useless.
  3. I obviously know this but it’s super fun to keep it going. Now shh and let me have my fun.
  4. Josh Allen, ****ing beast. He’s going to rewrite the game like LT did. LT actually has a poster of him over his bed.
  5. He’s a SS not a CB or FS. He has around 250 tackles 2.5 years. What’s the issue?
  6. The Colts fixed their oline by drafting oline high in the draft (no matter the position for all the you don’t draft OG/C high you can find them in the later round posters) They took a OG and C in the top of the draft and a OT the latest pick by the Colts on the starting oline was 37. After you get the QB, fix and draft oline no matter the position then get passrushers, CBS, WRs etc
  7. Gase sucks The hobbit sucks Frank Pollack sucks The oline really sucks
  8. Nelson, Martin, Scherff, Ragnow (OC) And Notre Dame has been spitting out some good OL.
  9. He’s the type of player that drives you nuts. One game he’s a beast the next sh*t.
  10. This shows up as well when you google Joe Douglas @prime21 @CurtMart

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